Gwei Hua Balm indeed a balm for all! (万能膏!)

This is a very interesting balm.

Tiny little one, but yet possess great use!

Sometimes fungus will grow on our toes if we do not dry our feet properly.  For example when we wash our bathrooms without wearing slippers and with the washing chemicals and water all over our toes, bacteria or fungus will grow…!  They love moist environment!
The following is one example..

A few days after applying the Gwei Hua balm,

Nice nice already ya…

This balm can basically be used for anything!  A definite handy balm for kids too. Natural ingredients of Gwei hua oil, menthol, camphor and eucalyptus.

For headache, body achecuts (it sure can do a very good anti-bleed cream!), sinus (apply on chest), nauseastomachachesmosquito bites etc etc.  cheers!! ? 

22 June 2018


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