E-Memories Testimonial

My friend’s mum lately had trouble remembering things.  It was so bad that when she was on the phone with her mom, her mum will immediately forget what the daughter had told her after they put down the phone.  The mom had to call my friend back to ask again.  Her mum was so frustrated with herself and my friend, on the other hand felt so stressed as her mum had to call her every other minute due to her forgetfulness.  

She decided to let her mum try E-Memories (twice a day) and after taking it for 1 month, her mum is able to remember what was said after putting down the call!  Now her mum is so much happier with herself and my friend no longer feel stressful communicating with her mum.

Our brain and nervous system needs a protein called Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) for normal development.  However, age, illness and environment can affect the level of NGF in our brain and research have shown that Lion’s mane mushroomJi-Lin ginseng and Ashitaba can help to support the NGF level in our brain.  These 3 ingredients are in E-Memories:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Researchers discovered that Lion’s Mane Mushroom influences the production of enzymes that signal cells to release NGF, thus supporting the normal function of NGF in maintaining, repairing and improving the infrastructure of memory.

Ji-Lin Ginseng
Ji-Lin ginseng is found to also contain ginseng saponins which are good in supporting healthy NGF levels in the brain.  Ginseng saponins also helped to maintain cell viability in the hippocampus (a memory-making part of the brain) which aid healthy learning and memory.

Ginseng also helps to support brain cells against free radical toxicity.  Free radical-induced toxicity is a contributing factor in degenerative neurons.

Ashitaba supports healthy levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which belongs to the same group of nerve cell proteins as NGF.  BDNF is particularly vital to the hippocampus to create persistent, long-term memories.
Ashitaba also contain a compound called chalcone which supports the production of multiple neurotrophic factors which are proteins that support neurons.

Article contributed by Ou Ee Him. 17 July 2018.


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