In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 7: Senior Resistance Training – Gym Tonic

If you have read my previous blogs, you would have seen that I am particularly concern about the elderly losing their muscles and strength as they grow older. This is after when I attended the Specialist Diploma on Nutrition and Exercise Science. The course has taught me the importance of strength training.

After reading on the Gym Tonic program and the mentioned testimonials in The Straits Times paper, (, I began to search for more information on it.

I was pretty excited about my findings on the program as it gelled pretty well with what I learnt in my course!

Gym Tonic Program was started in Finland. The strength training program caters specially for elderly above 65 years old and was a pretty success.  The program was brought in to Singapore and it is opened to registration for seniors, 55 years and above. 

I quickly registered for my 73-year-old mom, accompanied her for the briefing and pre-assessment.  I am really glad she passed the pre-assessment and could proceed with the program.  

Monday (07/10/2019) was her first day of the 12-weeks gym tonic program.  I followed her and managed to snap some photos before I proceeded with my own workout in the same gym.

I hope she will persevere and look forward to a fitter her :)!

Activesg in Our Tampines Hub
Trainer guiding them on the use of the equipment that are specially designed for the seniors.
My mom, listened attentively…

12 October 2019