The Best Serum for the skin!

A serum bags with heavy benefits!

This is by far the BEST serum I have ever used!

Products for hydration, moisturising and anti-aging creams in the market are everywhere. What about a product that can deliver oxygen to the skin?

Our organs need oxygen for survival and the skin is our largest organ! Yet, the skin is also one organ that is most deprived of oxygen 🙁 Especially after 40 years old…

The idea of having more oxygen for the skin definitely attracts me, especially oxygen for the face! When the face gets ample oxygen, hydration lotion, moisturising cream, anti-aging cream etc, can easily ride on it and deliver much better results!

[PlusO2] 氧+ seems to be the first application product in the market for oxygen to the skin? And a surely effective one! Because it uses Perflurocarbons! Perflurocarbons are inert compounds that can carry oxygen even better than the red blood cells! They can reach places which red blood cells may not be able to reach, like blocked capillaries, due to their smaller molecules size.

I have been using [PlusO2] 氧+ for six months since it’s launch. For the first month, the radiance on my face is obvious. People around you will notice. For the second and third month, my face gets more hydrated and is smoother. On the third and fourth month, fine lines over my eye areas are lesser. To-date, even my mom commented that my face looks better. I told her it is due to [PlusO2] 氧+! Haha. She is using it too 🙂

My current simple skincare routine:

1. Facial Hydrating Foaming Wash

2. Blanc Light Reveal (every 2-3 days)

3. PlusO2 氧+

4. Energy Lotion

5. Poreless Perfect Makeup Base SPF 30PA+++

1. Facial Hydrating Foaming Wash
2. PlusO2 (spa over eye areas every alternate day) 氧+
3. Energy Cream

Simple enough? Haha. I am not the type that like the hassle of putting layers and layers of skincare. I usually just do the minimal… wash, exfoliate, introduce oxygen, moisturise and protect (SPF) >.<