The Science – Nutritional Immunology

Last edited, 14 July 2020.

Nutritional Immunology is a preventive science that has been around for more than a decade.

In the 80’s when people believed so much into the discovery of vitamin pills such as vitamin C, vitamin E and multi-vitamins supplements, Nutritional Immunology advocates that wholesome food is better than extracted vitamins; extracted vitamins have side effects.  

Nutritional Immunology studies in depth the relationship between Nutrition and our Immune System.  The form of Nutrition that our body require on a daily basis so that we can prevent most form of chronic diseases.  It explores how consumption of wholesome plant foods contributes to a strong immune system. 

By nourishing our immune system with a variety of wholesome plant foods beneficial to health, we receive life’s most precious reward – Good Health! 

The Science lays a very clear foundation on the correct nutrition one needs.  It also explores into how our immune system functions with the right nutrition.

Nutritional Immunology is currently offered as a major at some of the Universities in the U.S.

The Science is founded by Immunologist Dr Jau-Fei Chen.  During the time when Nutritionists may not know anything about our Immune System and Immunologists may not learn about Nutrition, she links both the Sciences together and founded Nutritional Immunology.  

She is passionate on her research and won several accolades worldwide.  Examples of such are Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations’ Outstanding Overseas Youth Award; Outstanding Woman of the Year by the Chinese Women’s Association of America; March 8, 1996 was declared to be Jau-Fei Chen Day in the state of California;  Ten Outstanding Young Americans and many more.  

Other than her book <Plant Foods and Nutritional Immunology: A Scientific Approach> that is used in U.S various Universities, she has also written several other books such as <Cancer and Nutritional Immunology>.  Her latest book Immunity. Longevity> can now be purchased at our Singapore Popular Bookstores.

She is a philanthropist where she supports World Vision, Mercy Relief, The Cancer Society

Dr Chen is a philanthropist where she supports World Vision, Mercy Relief, The Cancer Society and setting up more than 300 care centers in Taiwan. 

She actively contributes to research funds for Research Institutions, including her alma mater. 
She appears in media worldwide such as Supreme Master internet program, Channel NewsAsia, Singapore FM Radio, Taipei Indesign, Beijing CCTV and many more, actively sharing the preventive science.  

She travels extensively, giving health talks

Dr Chen travels extensively, giving health talks such as LIVE with Dr Chen and A Date with Dr Chen.  Singapore is also one of the privileged countries that people can get up-close with her and gain the chance to learn from her; her vast knowledge as well as latest medical research out there.  

Her talks are usually inspiring, informative and well advanced. She speaks in both Mandarin and English, and are able to put complicated scientific terms into simple terms for our easy understanding. 

She wants a world that is diseases-free

Dr Chen has a BIG dream… a dream to have a world that is diseases-free; where people do not have to suffer from illnesses and the side effects of drugs.

The 3 diseases fighting nutrients 

Nutritional Immunology studies into plant foods that contain high amount of phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides.  

These are the three diseases fighting power nutrients that we need to combat chronic diseases such as Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Auto-Immune disease and many more.  

Phytochemicals can prevent the path of our good cells from turning cancerous. 
Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent us from falling ill and slow down aging. 
Polysaccharides are the food for our fighter cells such as Natural Killer Cells, Interferon and Interleukin. 

Nutritional Immunology studies indepth into plants’ harvesting period  

Harvesting period refers to the harvesting of a plant food when the nutrients reach their peak.  

Food should be harvested only when they are ripen on the tree.   

Different species and different parts of plants

Nutritional Immunology also studies into the best harvesting period for each plant, the species of the plant, the best part of the plant as well as the right formulation.   

Different species of Plant have different nutritional level.  For example there are different species of cacti.  Some are not consumable.

Different part of the plant also have different nutritional level. For example, grape seed contains higher nutritional value than the fresh and the skin. 

Right formulation refers to the right mix and dosage of the different plants.  

The harvesting period, right species and parts, proven formulation are all crucial in determining whether the product is effective and safe for long term consumption.  Nutritional Immunology studies into healthy plant herbs that can be consumed on a long term basis and not medicinal herbs which may have side effects. 

Extensive understanding and research of each individual plants and a good understanding of our immune system are definitely required.  

The company has more than 30 years experience in plant food research and manufacturing.  This results in having a wide range of functional food that cater for everyone’s need, including the young, elderly, sick and the healthy.  They also have a good range of safe skincare and family products under the brand Elemente.

Our Immune System

Our Main Lymphoid Organs

Our Peripheral Lymphoid Organs

Our Immune Cells

Our B-cells producing antibodies.
The antibodies swarmed in and attack foreign invaders.