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@11 Nov 2011. E.Excel featured in Channel NewsAsia Velocities of Growth!

Cheers, my friends!!!! :D

E.Excel featured in Channel NewsAsia Velocities of Growth!

(Velocities of Growth listed top 1000 companies performers. Eight of which are selected to be featured in CNA. Among the eight, E.Excel is the only Food and MLM Company featured.)


@10 Mar 2011. Prevent that virus spread.

Errgh.....i think everyone will need to carry <Handygel> with them!  

Flu and NDM-1 CAN be transmitted through contact, e.g. touching a bacteria-laden doorknob or by touching one's mouth, nose or eyes after touching something with the flu virus on it.

Just heard from a girl friend that she was just discharged from hospital for pneumonia. 

Hearing with my own ears, then did i realise how serious pneumonia can be....  Her potassium level went so low that her heart beat became rapid.  For that, she was on a drip.  Her blood sugar level also hits low and was on another drip for that.  On top of that she had drip for antibotics.  So you can imagine how many needles were on her hands.  She felt she was dying!  Her face was all pale and bluish.

But lucky for her, she did not have fluid retention in her lungs and yes, she managed to get out of hospital within 4 days.  (all thanks to millennium!)

She is in her thirties.  A childcare teacher for speech and drama.  Her doctor told her she may have gotten the infection from urine bacteria as the children in the school may not have cleanse their hands properly.  And through human contact, the bugs got into her body.

So you see, bugs are everywhere!  Personal hygience is important!  Sanitize your hand every now and then and take the right food to increase your immunity.