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@28 October 2013. Health Promotion Board Presents...Recipe.

Commissioned by the Health Promotion Board and shot by acclaimed local director Eric Khoo - the film brings out the real and poignant social issues related to dementia.


We are living in a greying society. Do watch this short 45 mintues video to understand what some of the dementia patients as well as the caregivers are going through..click here to watch.


@1 September2013. Juicing May Cause Diabetes.


Similar to what Dr Chen has been advocating...one should take wholesome plant foods, example with the skin (if edible), instead of juicing.

By juicing, one is removing the skin and fiber from the fruits and veggies. What left is the concentrated amount of juice that are high in frutose without the fiber. This will actually increase the risk of diabetes as we need the fiber to balance our blood sugar level.

The Straits Times article dated 31 August 2013, Pick fruit over juice 'to lower diabetes rate'.

....Those who consumed one or more servings of fruit juice each day saw their risk of diesease increase by up to 21 per cent." - Research involving British, US and Singapore Researchers over a quarter of a century.



Headline on The Straits Times. Hip fracture linked to higher mortality risk, dated 15 August 2013.

"Hip fracture patients were also more likely to die from cancer and coronary heart disease."

"Studies have shown that 1 in every 5 people with osteoporotic hip fracture died within a year." - Health Promotion Board

Prevention starts early. Most people drink milk to prevent osteoporosis, not knowing thatdrinking milk actually increases the risk of osteoporosis. Advertisment can be misleading. One needs to get the facts right.

Diets rich in animal protein will cause calcium to be lost through urine; causing calcium deficiency. As cow's milk is high in protein, increasing your intake of cow's milk will not replensih calcium.

The best source of calcium is from soybeans, broccoli, pearl etc.

Weight for weight, soybeans has twice the protein of meat, 4 times that of eggs and 12 times that of milk! Moreover, soybean is also low in fat and high in fiber. Broccoli has high-quality calcium that is easily absorbed by the body too. Check out <Nutrifresh>.

Pearl’s high calcium content makes it an ideal supplement for good health. 88-99% of pearl is calcium carbonate. It is great in stimulating our bone marrow cells and new bone formation. Product name is <Aromantic>.


@10July2013. Consuming Animal Placenta.

A new wave...Sheep placenta, horse placenta and now deer placenta...  Claim to cure cancer, diabetes, to look young, have younger skin etc.

What is your take?

Take a look at the following images. This is the placenta belonging to that of a sheep (raw and frozen, awaiting for processing).

sheep sheep frozen placenta

Do you really want to consume them?

Animal placentas. They contain animal hormones. Animal hormones are found to be one of the causes for cancer. 

Futhermore, the animals may be infected with bacteria or viruses which may cause ill effects on humans when consumed!

Regardless the claims that they have checked through the animals for any bacterial and viral infection. The list of KNOWN existing bacteria and viruses is long. How many types of bacteria and viruses can one check? What about the UNKNOWN bacteria and viruses? We know that bacteria and viruses mutate very fast. Is one able to come up with up-to-date tests?

But sad to say.....majorities of the consumers seem to be the elderly. They could be our parents...afterall, who wouldn't want to look young? But remember, effective does not equate to safe.

What is worse? They make people believe that the products are approved by Singapore Health Science Authority! The companies actually have the audacity to put HSA logo on their brochures and even on the product boxes! Misleading the elderly that products are approved by Singapore Health Authority!




Dear all, NEVER EVER be misled by such logo you see on Health Supplement brochures or on Health supplement product boxes. Singapore Health Science Authority does not issue license for this class of products.

unauthorized use of hsa logo

The above is a webpage. I have shaded off the company name. This company sells deer placenta. The product name starts with 'L'.

Company 'illegally' uses HSA logo to mislead people. What then do you think of their credibility and their products?

A letter was written to relevant authorities for action to be taken. Hope prompt action will be taken and consumers will not be further misled! Especially the elderly...


@28April 2013. Myopia, Cataract.

With iPads and tablets as popular gadgets among kids, Myopia or short-shortsightedness are getting more common among young kids nowadays.

Preference of spending time at home with computer games than outdoor activities also increase the risk of myopia.  The intensity of outdoor light can stimulate the retina to release dopamine.  Dopamine can actually help to prevent our eyes from growing long like myopic eyes.

Similarly for adults....most of the time are spent on computers and smartphones.  All these are draining and taxing for the eyes.  How can we better protect our vision?

Plant foods that are beneficial for our vision are Cassia seeds, chia seed, blueberry, carrot, chinese wolfberry, grape seed, broccoli, brussels sprouts, yellow pepper.  

For your convenience, these ingredients can all be found in <E-View>. 


@14April 2013Dementia - Alzheimer's Disease.

Dr Chen shared on Alzheimer's disease in one of her LIVE with Dr Chen's Health Talks. Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60-80% of Dementia.

Dementia, a degenerative brain disease is on the rise. The figure is alarming enough for this problem to be deemed as urgent. Television is running clips on Dementia. Papers have experts sharing their views on it and offering different ways to handle Dementia and recognising the symptoms.

In an article on The Straits Times dated 11 April 2017, it is projected that about 28,000 Singaporeans aged 60 and over suffers from dementia; and this figure is set to grow to 80,000 by 2030. Something that we should all be prepared for.

To have an idea of how sorrowful dementia can cause, the late Lady Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister of UK from 1979 to 1990) who had afflicted with dementia, had to go through the news and agony on the demise of her late husband, repeatedly..

margaret thatcher

It was said by her daughter that late Lady Margaret Thatcher had repeatedly asked where the husband was, and had to be told repeatedly that he had died. Each time she absorbed the news, she had to refresh her loss and grief. She will look at her daughter sadly and asked 'were we all there'.


@21Feb2013. Animals killed by plastics.

Think green.

Please do not throw anything into the sea. The consequence is this...