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@24 October 2014. Colorectal Cancer at the age of 26 changed his life.

Singapore news dated 22 October 2014.

According to Research, colorectal cancer has an incubation period of 10 to 20 years. Diagnosed at the age of 26, the tumor, in other words, may has started its growth when he was as young as 6 to 16 years of age!

Education on food nutrition should start young. Diseases do not happen overnight. Understand more on The Science of Nutritional Immunology!

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(Image from medifee.com)


@7 October 2014. Singapore, a nation of pill poppers?


I was reading the above article on The Straits Times, dated 29 September 2014.

The article mentioned that people here spent $638 million on vitamins and dietarty supplements last year, an increase of 5% from 2012.

It is good to know that people are getting more health conscious. We are clearly aware that because of our selective taste buds, stressful lifestyle and the lack of quality meals, we need some form of supplements.

However, it is worrying to know that majority of the consumers are popping in health supplements such as vitamin C pills, multi-vitamin pills, glucosame pills and calcium pills etc for prevention. This is despite the fact that there is no evidence stating that vitamin C pills can improve one's immune system or has any form of anti-oxidant properties.

On the contrary, evidence is everywhere to prove that excess consumption of vitamin C pills can cause kidney stones and Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that 'Vitamins Could Shorten Lifespan!'

Some could be baffled now. Why aren't vitamins good?

Take for example Vitamin C. Yes, Vitamin C is good. It has anti-oxidant properties. However, once the Vitamin C is isolated from a wholesome fruit such as an orange and processed into a Vitamin C pill, the pill no longer has anti-oxidant properties. Rather, it has become pro-oxidant! In other words, it oxidises our organs faster!

Likewise for Glucosamine and Chondroitin pills. The Straits Times, dated 18 September 2010, in the prime.news section, loud and clear, indicated "Glucosamine and chondroitin don't work".

One of the interviewees was a orthopaedic surgeon at NUH. He said that glucosamine sulphate "has not been shown to regenerate cartilage in humans". "And studies have shown that taking certain brands (or) preparations is only as good as taking a placebo".

Same for Calcium pills. The Straits Times dated 31 July 2010, in world international segment, "Calcium pills raise heart attack risk by 30%" - They raise blood calcium level and lead to plaque in blood vessels."

It mentioned that when we take calcium supplements, our blood calcium level goes up over the next 4 to 6 hours and right to the peak of the normal range. However this does not happen when we take calcium-rich food as the calcium from food is absorbed very slowly, not affecting our blood calcium level. This is important as high blood calcium level may lead to plaque or fatty deposits forming in our blood vessels. These can lead to heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular related diseases.

Therefore it is very important to understand what we are putting into our mouth. One might think that they are not consuming excess vitamins, but vitamins are now added in most of our consumable products, such as milo, orange juice, bread, soft drinks, biscuits etc. How would we know that we are not consuming in excess?

Yes, our body need vitamins. It needs glucosamine for our cartilage and we need calcium. But only from plant food sources. There is a difference between Vitamin/Mineral supplements and FOOD supplements. How do we choose the correct supplement?

* Vitamin pills may be helpful in special cases, but they are not needed by the average person.


@31 August 2014. My Hair.

I used to think that the only way to have nice, long, silky hair is to visit the hair salon at least twice a month for treatment. Nowadays treatment doesn't come cheap and naturally the longer your hair is, the more you have to pay for it. But that aside, somehow I feel that these days the treatment is no longer as lasting as they used to be 10 years ago. The soft silky feel of the hair is gone after one wash. They say to have treatment that last longer, you need to go for better treatment that uses better chemicals. I have tried those, even then they all do not last more than 1 week.

I have been using E.Excel shampoo and condtioner for more than 6 years. Before that, I was never able to grow my hair pass shoulder length without split ends. And having to wake up in the morning combing while pulling my entangled hair off the comb.

With the E.Excel shampoo and conditioner, gone are those days. Now I no longer need to go to hair salon to ask them trim away my split ends. I remember previously they have to trim as much as 1.5 inch of my hair just to remove the split ends. It was difficult for me to grow long hair then. Hair growth was slow too.

Now, people have been saying my hair grows very fast! Even my hairstylist.

I accredit these to my loyalty with oxyginberry beverage (producing enough collagen to help my hair growth).. I have been taking oxy beverage for more than 5 years. And the E.Excel shampoo.

Recently I brought E.Excel Hair Dye (Deep Brown) and the Intensive Revival Hair Masque to my hairstylist to help me do color and mask. She includes a steam for me on the mask. All in all I paid for S$80. Definitely worth it consider my length of hair and safe color dye :) My hair just felt like having done a rebond after the steam - fantastic!

If you are still looking for a good shampoo and have been changing from brand A to brand B and C. Give E.Excel Shampoos a try :) You will definitely like it! A bottle for $58.85 and can last you quite long ;)


@14 August 2014. Multitasking?? Think twice...

An article dated 12 August 2014 - Is your mind like a sieve? Blame multitasking, say NUS scientists.

Scientists from National University of Singapore found that multitasking may impair the formation of long-term memories, and of which may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease...! It explains that the capacity to form memory will be compromise if too many tasks are competing for 'memory proteins' in the brain...

...no wonder...no wonder I tend to forget things that I do easily..


@ 25 April 2014. LIVE with Dr Chen 2014 Chapter 2 - Sharks' Fins and Birds' Nest.

Hi, I believe many of you, like myself, have enjoyed the recent LIVE with Dr Chen Chapter 2 held at Orchard Hotel on 13April!

The 2 hours of sharing have brought laughter to the audience and covered many aspects of health. Indeed...good health requires wisdom and knowledge. It is so worth-while to pay just S$15 for her years of research and wisdom! What's more, we were each given a bottle of Gart worth more than S$30!

There were 2 interesting Chinese delicacies that she covered in this session - Sharks' fins and Birds' nest. Most Chinese love these delicacies. But just how beneficial these food are for us? 

1. Sharks' fins.

Unknown to many, the fins of the sharks are high in Mercury!

Over the decades, oceans are contaminated with industrial pollutants (the release of heavy metals), oil spills, routine ship maintenance, waste disposal from increasing cruise ships (medical waste, detergents, heavy metals, pathogens) etc. These have caused the oceans to be accumulated with toxins, one of which is Mercury.

Mercury causes our red blood cells to cluster together and travel in clumps instead of singly. This increases the risk of blockage to our arteries and give rise to heart diseases.

Fish, like human beings, expel toxics through their skin. That is the reason the fish skin and fins are higher in contamination.

An example was quoted by Dr Jau-Fei Chen: How does one find out whether a person has been abusing drugs? Simply from their hair and/or nails. The toxics accumulate in these areas.

2. Birds' nest.

We all know that birds' nest are the spits of Sparrows. The spits are accumulated over months and months. Sticky, porous and sitting in the open, they are exposed to environmental hazards (as well as pests like cockcroaches, flies etc) and are high in nitrates(cancer-causing).

Some heavy metals in them get oxidised and turn to dark reddish-brown colour. These dark colored birds' nest become what suppliers call them - "blood nests" (direct translation from chinese 血燕), suggesting that they are the vomitted blood of the sparrows and claiming more nutritious. Selling the oxidised heavy metals as premium bird nests!

Some manufacturers go a step further by dyeing the entire birds' nests to dark reddish-brown colour. (I have personally verified this with a Indonesian friend whose family produce bird nests)

To ensure birds' nests are packed to the same shapes and sizes, fungus and jelly are added and mould together. Majority are also bleached.

According to Research, the only beneficiary thing about birds' nest is their high amount of amino acids.

But soybean has the equivalent amount of amino acids and at a more affordable price...not to mention more hygenic.

For the price of birds' nest or sharks' fins, Millennium is way much worth it... ;)


@ 8 April 2014. Alert Warning by HSA on "Herbal Health Jointcare".

Yet another case of supplement cheat....Indicated on the box STERIOD-FREE and with natural ingredients, yet found to contain STERIODS and undeclared western medications.

tainted supplement


@29 March 2014. Live Cell Therapy?

Wondering what is Live Cell Therapy? Using Live Cells (including those of animals such as sheep or cows) to treat cancer, heart disease and degenerative diseases? To improve vitality and stamina etc?

This article may interest you...

"...even supporters of cell therapy admit they do not know how cell therapy works in the body. No reliable evidence has been published in medical journals to support the claims of cell therapy"

"Cell therapy may be dangerous and several patient deaths linked to the therapy have been reported in the medical literature. Patients can contract bacterial and viral infections carried by animal cells, and some have had life-threatening and even fatal allergic reactions. Other reports list complications such as brain swelling or the immune system attacking blood vessels or nerves following cellular treatment.." ---extracts from American Cancer Society website