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@11 June 2016. E.Excel into 29th year....!

It is now mid- year... Time seems to move very fast this year! 

Half a year has gone and these six months have been really exciting and fulfilling :) 

Another company is set up by Dr Chen - eLead Global which will be officially launched in July 2016. Yes, in less than a month's time! Preparations and preparations, busy but fulfiling..why? Who wants to miss out an opportunity in E-Commerce business?

E.Excel has just celebrated its 29th anniversary last Sunday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with our invited guest - Singer Zhou Hui, and the whole atmosphere was hyped up to the peak! Everyone was having fun :D

How many companies can hold such a grand celebration at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a seating capacity of 10,000?

Last year, the Singapore’s economy grew by a mere 2%. Yet E.Excel’s business grew 18%!

moving strong

After 29 years in operation, E.Excel is still strong and continues to grow and get stronger despite worldwide economic downturn.

A toast to Dr Jau-Fei Chen, to the team and scientists working hard behind the scene. Because of you, ordinary people can become what we are today ^_^. We will continue to spread the gift of health and knowledge to mankind and continue to help people attaining health, wealth and the freedom of time!


@20 March 2016. The impact of the economy slowing down.

These are the Headlines that have been flashing on the papers for the past few weeks on The Straits Times...

Can S'pore households weather slowing growth? 
Higher-skilled workers make up bulk of layoffs. 
Still looking for work 6 months after losing job.

Sad but the hard truths.

Quoted "Higher-skilled workers, degree holders and middle-aged workers were the hardest hit by layoffs last year.......These groups were also less likely than other resident workers to be in employment within six months of being made redundant, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) statistics released yesterday showed."

For us, knowing is not good enough... looking for a solution, a back-up plan, should be the next appropriate option. And should anything happen, you will still have this plan or earnings to rely on for a living, for your dependents.

It will definitely involve getting out of our 'comfort zone'. It may seem scary. But it is only with an appropriate change, will there be hope, a new outcome and new success!

Even animals brave through distance, migrate for survival, for food, for the right weather to survive. Facing a risk, the only solution is to do it.

animal migrate for survival

To ponder...

- Is our current job/career able to provide for us till we retire? Are our jobs secure for many coming economic crisis and recessions?

- Are we able to determine our job security and how much we want to earn?

- Are we able to continue to draw a passive income from what we are doing now should something happen to us?

Change is imminent. The so-called ''comfort zone' is not a safe zone. Catching on the right trend at the right time with the right company can give you the security in generations to come.


@27 February 2016. New Zealand Evergreen Life manuka honey products recalled.

honey recalled

There is information to suggest that non-approved substances, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxal (MG), may have been used during the processing of the honey. If you are consuming the above brand of manuka honey, according to AVA advice, discard them. You may google the Internet on the 18 products associated with the recall.

Made in China products give majority the impression that the products are of inferior quality and may have added non-approved ingredients. HOWEVER, products made in developed countries do not mean that the products are safe and will not have none-approved ingredients or are credible. The clue is the integrity of the Manufacturer...Get to know your Manufacturer...


@21 January 2016. Deadly Global Pollution.

Headlines from The Straits Times dated 21 January 2016 - WHO sounds alarm over deadly global pollution.

Extracts: "Before, we know that pollution was responsible for diseases like pneumonia and asthma. Now, we know that it leads to bloodstream, heart and cardiovascular diseases, too - even dementia"

This information sounds really scary. Who would have thought that pollution will be linked to dementia?

In China, 4000 people a day die from air pollution! :_I

Image result for china air pollution

Alarm is sounding. We have to prepare our immune system and respiratory system for it. Lucky we know of ACT and NOCO...otherwise, it may be tough for people like me, to wonder what sort of concoctions will be good and to find the time to prepare them.

Of course at the same time, let us all do our best, to consume lesser meat...better for our health and for our environment as the natural emissions of ammonia from cattle, pigs, chickens et cetera contribute to a fifth of all death globally!

Do our little part for the younger generation to enjoy a better quality of air!