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13 April 2018

cancer sharing

Glad to do this sharing session on a regular basis. Let's pay-it-forward for what we have learnt to keep diseases at the bay!


30 March 2018. Drugs resistance

It is disturbing to read one of the articles in the The Straits Times today titled Briton's gonorrhoea the 'worst-ever' case.

One victim with the disease actually could not be treated with first-choice antibotics! The world's first case. This got the Doctors really desperate as it highlights the worrying trend - diseases are getting out-of-hand.

But all is not lost. Our body does have our own soldiers. Theses soldiers help us fight the invaders (bacterial and viral infections). We have B cells that produce antibodies to fight our enemies! Are you giving our cells the nutrients that they need on a regular basis?

b cells

Nutrition is merely a wide varieties of healthy plant food instead of meat products. To understand what nutrition means, you may read here.



1 March 2018. Way to keep your newly bought vegetables fresh?

It can be so simple... :D (Video is in Mandarin. But pictures explain everything!)



24 February 2018. A transparent lip gloss that colors your lips!

Newly launched lip glosses that gives you your own personal tint based on your body's chemistry!

Comes in two tone - Candilicious and bubblegum. Candilicious has stronger tone. Which do you fancy? ^_^

One stick is S$25 excluding gst.

e excel lip gloss

WARNING! You may get different colors on different days!



15 February 2018. Rice to be kept in the fridge

I never know rice grains has to be kept in an airtight container and best in the fridge, until I heard it so from Dr Jau Fei Chen during her last session of Live With Dr Chen! I have never heard anyone mentioned about that before...

brown rice

Lucky my fridge still has some space...immediately when I got home, I moved my rice container in and it has been there for the past 3 weeks now. I realised the grains are indeed fresher and no longer feel as moist. They no longer 'flake' too. I did a search on the Internet and realised that brown rice actually has a much shorter lifespan than white rice! Am glad Dr Chen mentioned about grain storage, otherwise I will forever be using unfresh brown rice grains to cook!


11 February 2018. Chamoment...


Chamoment. A very nice tea to make after a meal. Enjoy the natural Jasmine aroma that can cheer up you up from within..Not only that, this right mix of green tea, jasmine and ashitaba are able to provide relief to menses discomfort as well as migraine and tension headaches.

The precious ingredient in this product is Ashitaba leaf.

Ashitaba is a plant native to Japan's Hachijo Island. Today you pluck a leaf, tomorrow it grows again! It has many benefits such as cleansing the blood and liver, promotes friendly intestinal bacteria, anti-tumor properties as well as high antioxidant properties. Have a peaceful great day ahead! cheers


30 January 2018 Homeparty on Heart and Liver


Happy to do another sharing :) This round the topic is on The World's number one killer - Heart Disease. When we talk about the Heart, inevitably it involves the Liver. Why and how are they related?

heart and liver sharing

Two key reasons:

1) Our liver produces 70-80% of our cholesterol! Only 20-30% of our cholesterol comes from our diet! In other words, controlling diet though is important, maintainig a healthy liver is even more important as an unhealthy liver will over-produce cholesterol...

2) For Patients taking long term heart disease medications or other form of medications, one of the key organs that will be affected is the liver..

To understand more about the above topics, look out for subsequent sharings ;) the next topic that we will be sharing will be on Cancer. Look out for the date in March 2018 ^_^


01 January 2018 A New Chapter...

2018 e excel



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