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Is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Legalized in Singapore?

Multiple levels of commission payout cause products to be expensive.

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I can’t get much information on the products online.

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I am afraid my friends will think that I am earning from them.

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Is NI Career worth my time and effort?

16 May 2020

6 May 2020. A back-up income is important

Whenever there is a pandemic, next will come the harsh reality… with no control over our job, we will always be at the mercy of employment πŸ™

Dr Jau-Fei Chen once said, we need to have two jobs. A job to provide for our current bread and butter, a second job for where the future market will be.

I used to be a Technical Writer. It was then my current job. I took up a second job at the same time, that is E.Excel, as my part-time career (the future market). Two years later, E.Excel becomes my full-time career. Thinking back, how many positions are there now for Technical Writers?