The OliOli – in time for covid aftermath

欧密 – 消炎的最佳营养品

E.Excel never fail to launch a new product(s) every year. The latest one is OliOli (2023)!

As an avid consumer and Independent Distributor, me and my Distributors can always have something new to look forward to, something new to consume, some new effects to experience, and some new excitements to share!!

E.Excel OliOli

It comes in time for covid as I find this product good at reducing overall body’s inflammation.

OliOli comes with a box of 30 sachets, S$100 before GST. The ingredients for OliOli are: Olive leaf, black goji berry, and jujube fruit (red dates).

Many are familiar with olive fruit, but not olive leaf; yet its antioxidant level is higher than the fruit for its phenolic compounds.

Image by Sketchepedia on Freepik

Olive leaf also has a high content of valuable bioactive phytochemicals, such as phenolic derivatives, phytosterols, and rutin. It can protect the heart, improve blood pressure, and reduce LDL. Some use it to prevent gout.

OliOli also contains black goji berry, a rare food as it grows at high altitudes and is pricky to harvest.

Image by azerbaijan_stockers on Freepik

Both red goji and black goji contains phytochemicals phenolics. But the specific phenolics in each of them give them different colors! Red goji are high in carotenoids while black goji are high in petunidin derivatives. Its antioxidant levels are five times higher than red goji. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties which are derived from its LRGP3 polysaccharides. Nutrients in black goji may significantly reduce gout-related inflammation, may aid inflammatory bowel disease as it can inhibit colonic inflammation, and can help to reduce triglycerides, total cholesterol and improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Black goji anthocyanins could improve memory capacity and reduce neuronal oxidative stress and inflammation in the hippocampus tissue. The anthocyanins can also encourage the growth of healthy human gut microbiota. Black goji can also improve the body’s T cells and B cells proliferation, and macrophage activities. What a list of benefits!

Lastly the ingredient Jujube. Jujube is also a very nutritious fruit with a variety of polysaccharides, polyphenols, fiber, vitamins, and minerals; often used to reduce inflammation. It aids kidney health and can improve the production of red blood cells.

Image by whatwolf on Freepik

Research has shown that jujube helps to increase iron for the formation of new red blood cells, and improves blood pressure. Polysaccharide in Jujube induces the proliferation of lymphocytes in the spleen.

A sachet that contains just these three precious ingredients in high concentration, yet costs less than S$4… no wonder it is said Nutritional Immunology products are getting cheaper.


The best book to the human immune system!

Just this month, July 2023, Dr EE Zhang released her first book titled Educate, Act, Thrive.

Dr. EE a gifted student graduated from the University of Glasgow School of Medicine with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree. She completed her medical training and obtained her medical license at just 23 years of age! She has worked at the prestigious Queen’s Hospital in London and National University Hospital in Singapore.

This release of the book is a must-read to get a good understanding of how the human immune system works and how one can prevent diseases through this understanding.

This book is content-rich! It is available in English and Simplified Chinese at S$14.04 per book. It can be purchased from The Zall Bookstore located in Wheelock Place, second level, effective 5 Aug 23. E-books/ Audiobooks will be launching soon too. If you are unable to get down to the Zall Bookstore, you can also get the book from me and this includes free delivery 😉

Have a sneak preview of the book! ☺️💯👍


就在本月,2023 年 7 月,EE博士发布了她的第一本书,题为《教育、行动、茁壮》。

EE博士是一位天才学生,毕业于格拉斯哥大学医学院,获得医学学士学位和外科学士学位(MBChB)。 她年仅23岁就完成了医学培训并获得了行医执照! 她曾在著名的伦敦女王医院和新加坡国立大学医院工作。

为了更好地了解人体免疫系统的工作原理以及如何通过这种理解来预防疾病,这本书是一本必读的书。此书内容丰富! 该书有英文版和简体中文版,每本书售价 14.04 新元。 这本好书可在误解了位于会德丰广场(Orchard Road Wheelock Place) 二楼的 The Zall 书店购买,8 月 5 日起。电子书/有声读物也将很快推出。 如果您无法前往卓尔书店,您也可以从我这里获取这本书,免费送货 😉


Effective and Safe Nutritional Supplement

If you are also a vegetarian and or vegan, looking for a safe, effective, and trustable plant-based supplement to enhance your immunity, look nowhere. E.Excel and eLead carry a good range of plant-based supplements with one of their factory in Singapore!

This is the mix of Nutrifresh mixed fruit with the new E.Excel product OliOli. Looks and tastes yummy! Nice red colour 🙂

Nutrifresh contains a good blend of more than 15 nutritional ingredients per sachet. All their ingredients are in wholesome form: Soybean, banana, peach, pineapple, lemon, asparagus, barley, broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrot, orange peel, honeydew, pea, pear, grapefruit. It can provide you with the basic wholesome nutrients needed for a day, at less than S$2 a sachet!

OliOli in a sachet of 2.3g, contains high concentrations of just three ingredients: olive leaf, black goji berry, and red date.

Olive leaf has antioxidant levels higher than that of olive. Black goji has higher phenolic content, seven times that of blueberries, and five times higher antioxidants than red goji… no wonder black goji is so much more expensive in the market! Yet OliOli is quite affordable, at less than S$4 per sachet. No way we can get a decent bunch of blackberries at less than S$4… What about red date? It helps with the production of red blood cells and iron levels.

OliOli with Encore. Basically, any beverage with OliOli is nice! Haha. Quick to bring down inflammation.


Soy milk was found to be the most comparable to cow’s milk in terms of overall nutrients balance

When it comes to protein and calcium replenishment, most people will immediately think of cow’s milk. After all, it has been heavily advertised by milk and dairy companies on the amount of calcium and protein it contains, and its role in strengthening bones.

What was less promoted is soybean milk, which in fact contains nothing less than the amount of protein and calcium a cow’s milk has. And one does not have to think of lactose intolerance, the saturated fats, cholesterol, and antibiotics a cow’s milk has.

A recent article by Times Magazine mentioned, “Soy milk was found to be the most comparable to cow’s milk in terms of overall nutrients balance”, and “Soy milk even contains phytonutrients that have been shown to have cancer-fighting properties.”

So what is your choice?

My choice naturally will be [Nutrifresh] and [Soupde] as they have a high concentration of soybeans 🙂 Nutrifresh is my daily morning drink as it provides me not only with the basic quality plant-based protein but also 13 different types of fruits and veggies for my macro and micronutrients. Soup de is the soup base that I will use when I DIY my mee hoon soup or mee sua soup for my lunch. The taste is addictive and I do not even have to think of adding much ingredients to my meal as it already has 11 different kinds of vegetables in it! ^_^ (soybean, white radish, carrot, pear, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprout, radish leaf, spinach, cauliflower, green bell pepper).


Why building our immune systems are important

The world is running out of antibiotics that are effective against resistant bacteria and WHO has raised alarm over the lack of new antibiotics…

Antibiotics resistance happens when bacteria becomes immune to existing drugs. Bacteria have learnt to fight back, building resistance to the same drugs over the decades. Bacterial infections can become untreatable, to become “superbugs” – one of the biggest health threats.

Common infections are becoming difficult to treat or even untreatable, leading to longer treatment periods and hospital stays.

The Lancet, a leading medical journal estimated that 4.95 million deaths worldwide in 2019 were associated with AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance). The main cause of AMR is the overuse and misuse of antibiotics.

It is interesting to note that in a survey jointly conducted by academic researchers published in 2022, nearly eight in 10 people in Singapore erroneously believe that humans can develop resistance to antibiotics. In fact, it is the bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics, and this is known as antibiotic resistance. The person or the animal does not develop resistance to antibiotics.

Another myth is “Antibiotics resistance is a problem only for people who take antibiotics regularly”. The truth is drug resistant bacteria can spread from person to person, and it can affect anyone at any time.

Alternative antibiotics, or even “last-line antibiotics” may have to be used, but these tend to be less effective, have more side effects, and are more expensive.

We need to constantly nourish our immune systems with wholesome plant foods as the immune system is the best doctor. When our immune systems are strong, they can help us fight against most form of bacteria.


Our Gut Microbiome

Our gut microbiome of late has gained much attention. More Research has shown that having a diverse gut microbiome makes one more resilient and capable of fighting pathogens and diseases. There could be a link between declining microbial diversity and the increased incidence rate of immune and metabolic diseases such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, and obesity.

Just like how humans have different dietary preferences, our microbes also need a diverse range of nutrients to thrive. We need to include in our diet a wide range of fruits, and foods that are high in fiber.

Sometimes it is really difficult to ensure I get enough varieties of fruits and veggies a day. I am glad to find convenience from the following healthy wholefood products…

Nutrifresh with more than 13 different fruits and veggies at less than S$2
[Digeston] with various healthy plants that allow my body to produce its own good bacteria.

Instead of going for probiotics which may have just over five strains of good bacteria, I make my choice on freeze-dried wholesome plant foods for my body to produce the needed diverse good bacteria, which can provide beyond hundreds of good bacteria strains. What about you? 😀

Photo credit: Valerie Yeo

The above products serve as good weight management for me too, hehe



Orchestra with sparkling water tastes so nice and so thirst-quenching!!!

What I have here are Orchestra kumquats. Ordered sparkling water and added in the self-brought orchestra sachets. Wow, this really brings the taste of orchestra to the next level 😀 Same for the sparkling water… the plain carbonated drink becomes a super healthy drink!

I like to bring Orchestra with me when I have meals outside. It can reduce inflammation triggered by fried and spicy food, and can prevent the throat from getting sore. It can also enhance digestion and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. And more importantly, inhibits fat absorption 🤭 All these are contributed by the ingredients Kumazasa, Ashitaba and Platycodon found in Orchestra!


In a blink of an eye…

In a blink of an eye, I have been in the Nutritional Immunology Business with E.Excel for over 19 years!

From a part-time to a full-time career. Looking back, it has been such a fulfilling journey; making new friends and meeting people from all walks of life! From becoming an employee after graduation to a traditional stall owner, and now as an Independent Distributor. The latter was not something that I had planned for 😂. Yet, it is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life 🙃!

This business has shaped my life, builds my discipline, and gives me the opportunity to meet many new friends. Health has always been my priority. So doing what I enjoy, is to have continual learning in the disease prevention arena, and at the same time having my own working hours and having full control over my rice bowl. Now I also have more time to spend with my family and meaningful time at volunteering.

Life experience and fulfilments are not something money can buy. I am blessed this path has given me both. I am glad to have like-minded friends on this path, to travel, and grow together. I am glad I have chosen a successful and established company to partner with 🙏.


E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil as a Dip!

I have been wanting to try the E.Excel blended cooking oil as a dip…

Healthiest oil available in the market!

But just the oil alone seems a bit boring😬

Decided to add black vinegar and sprinkle some Italian herbs to a spoonful of the oil. Such dip must go with a baguette … Proceeded to find a recipe for the baguette … glad my bread maker machine can do 3/4 of the job, hehe.

Oven-baked baguette

The following shows my first attempt! Though the baguette is not the usual long narrow loaf, lucky it still tastes like one lol. The dip really goes very well with the baguette… In less than a minute, the dip is empty, thanks to my hubby.


A day with my Mother-in-law

On Saturday (21/05), I received a call from my mil. Her voice didn’t sound good… her voice was shivering and weak. She said she was having gastric pain and kept vomiting the night before; after makan one rambutan. She asked if I have any “medicine” for her to take. (She was referring to my E.excel products.)

Suspecting food poisoning, I immediately rushed down to her place with Millennium beverage and Act. (missed out Nutriact… ) Her stomach was still churning when I reached there. Face paled and could neither sit nor lie down. She was in great pain. When I asked her a scale of 10, what was her pain level. She told me 20.

I opened up five capsules of Act, mixed with little warm water for her. I told her she should note a little difference in half-hour. If she did not, it means it may not be food poisoning and I need to bring her to see a doctor.

After the first dose, she started to burp and this is a good sign. 10 mins passed. I asked how was her pain level now. She said dropped a little bit. But still painful. So it worked, meaning it could really be food poisoning.

I made her another five capsules of Act. This was around 15 mins after the first dose. My mentality is to quickly give the immune cells the bullets (nutrients) to fight the virus/bacteria so the latter will not continue to multiply uncontrollably. She burped again. This time she said her stomach was no longer as bloated. The swell subsided significantly. And the good thing is she could finally lie on the bed and rest. (Initially, her pain was on her entire waist portion. Then the pain left on one side of her waist)

Half an hour later after her second dose, when she woke up slightly, I made Millennium beverage for her. Immediately she felt the bloatedness again. I told her this is part of the recovery symptom. And in less than 2 mins, she fell asleep soundly. From extreme pain to falling asleep, it took less than an hour…I made her another packet of Millennium added in with 5 capsules of ACT. And this time she let go of a lot of gas.

Soon after my sil and bil came to visit her. I left after telling them if mil felt better and they would like to bring her to see a doctor, to do so…

I am thankful for the knowledge that I have gathered over the years from Nutritional Immunology. With Nutritional Immunology knowledge and the products, the family does not have to go through anguish and desperation. We can take charge of our own health and not just leave it to the doctors as their responsibilities. Our lives, we take charge.