The good news resulting from COVID-19 circuit breaker

Something good resulted from the circuit breaker program – huge drop of flu, common cold, diarrhoea and conjunctivitis cases!

Usually there were around 2,500 to 3,000 people visiting the polyclinics every month for these ailments. Now it is fewer than 700 by the start of May!  What a significant drop!

This is really a good news.  This implies that if we continue to practise good hygiene, regular hand-washing with soap and water, do not go out when we are sick, take social distancing measures, the chances of us falling ill due to influenza, and many other respiratory infections can greatly be reduced! 

(Data published in The Straits Times dated May 13, 2020.)

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Chalk art by: Regine Tan

I like this card a lot! Beautifully describes our relationship, and the partnership in this career! Thank you Regine, for dedicating this drawing to me – love it!

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The COVID-19 Pandemic

I didn’t realize that I have not been posting since last year December 2019!

Year end is always a busy time for everyone, with Christmas celebration, New Year celebration, family holidaying, to preparation for February 2020 Lunar New Year.  But before one can fully enjoy the month of Lunar New Year, came the COVID-19.

The coronavirus has taken everyone off guard.  Overnight, anything relating to masks and household sanitization products were snapped up.  Even in E.Excel, all anti-bacterial products were all out-of-stock…

Let’s all stay safe and just hope this will be over soon…

31 March 2020.

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Power nutrients – Phytochemicals, Antioxidants and Polysaccharides

​When I knew E.excel in 200​3​, the vital nutrients for our immune system: phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides ​were often ​mentioned in Dr Chen​’s talks​.  Back then, I tried to search the meaning from the Internet, but other than antioxidants being explained, search for phytochemicals and polysaccharides proved futile!

The closest answer the search engine gave was phytonutrients for phytochemicals.  ​The only places where I could find more information on them were in ​E.Excel Excellent Magazines​, Dr Chen’s books and, during her talks.

​Today, if you do a search on phytochemicals, you can now start to see sites such as breast​ and​, ​discussing the benefits of phytochemicals​.

Harvard Health Publishing also recently (February, 2019) published their research on the roles of phytochemicals for our immune system. (​.  This is​ almost 15 years after Dr Chen’s education on the great benefits of phytochemicals!  ​​

This, is how advanced Nutritional Immunology is​!  How blessed E.Excelers are, to always have the first-hand scientifically proven information.  And just when every retailers ride on the current wave of promoting probiotics, E.Excel discouraged the long term consumption of it.​

E.Excel is a research company with a Science, not just a manufacturer that follows trend blindly, for the benefit of sales and, at the expense of consumers’ health.

​How about polysaccharides?  What information is there currently on the Internet​?  Well, you will realize that there is still not much information discussed on its role on our immune system! ​​?

15 December 2019

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In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 7: Senior Resistance Training – Gym Tonic

If you have read my previous blogs, you would have seen that I am particularly concern about the elderly losing their muscles and strength as they grow older. This is after when I attended the Specialist Diploma on Nutrition and Exercise Science. The course has taught me the importance of strength training.

After reading on the Gym Tonic program and the mentioned testimonials in The Straits Times paper, (, I began to search for more information on it.

I was pretty excited about my findings on the program as it gelled pretty well with what I learnt in my course!

Gym Tonic Program was started in Finland. The strength training program caters specially for elderly above 65 years old and was a pretty success.  The program was brought in to Singapore and it is opened to registration for seniors, 55 years and above. 

I quickly registered for my 73-year-old mom, accompanied her for the briefing and pre-assessment.  I am really glad she passed the pre-assessment and could proceed with the program.  

Monday (07/10/2019) was her first day of the 12-weeks gym tonic program.  I followed her and managed to snap some photos before I proceeded with my own workout in the same gym.

I hope she will persevere and look forward to a fitter her :)!

Activesg in Our Tampines Hub
Trainer guiding them on the use of the equipment that are specially designed for the seniors.
My mom, listened attentively…

12 October 2019

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Testimonial: My mother-in-law!

Happy to receive this testimonial!

Article contributed by Valerie Yeo.

So happy with the improvement my mother-in-law has, after about 11 months of her taking E.Excel products ?

She looks significantly younger and much radiant in person, that I decided to take the latest photo and placed them together for comparison.  No filters involved!

Could you see the difference? ? She took: Millennium + Nutrifresh

22 September 2019.

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