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Troubling Levels of Toxic Metals Found in International Make-Up Brands

eMaxHealth, a Canadian health science website has done some tests on 49 popular cosmetic products and found that cadmium is found in Eyeliner and concealers; nickel is found in powders and blushers; beryllium in eye-shadow and arsenic in eye-shawdor, mascaras and foundations!

Beryllium, nickel, selenium and thallium are actually banned for use in cosmetics in Canada.

Out of 9 lipstick brands tested, 5 that have the most lead content are sold by the world's largest cosmetic maker!

We will not mention the brands here, but one could easily search from the search engines and read about it.

Such heavy metals findings are also supported by Researchers at the University of California on some of 32 different lipsticks and lip glosses. Lead, cadmium, aluminium were found and findings were published in the Journal Environment Health Perspectives.

Heavy metals are not labelled on the packaging. Creams or gel applied topically on the skin will be absorbed and such toxins which may cause headaches, dermatitis, hormone disruption, nervous disorders etc.

What is Nutritional Immunology’s pointers on skincare/cosmetics?


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