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Whole Food Supplement versus Vitamin/Mineral Supplement


Nature does not have isolated vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E or calcium, omega 3, glucosamine or CoQ10. However when we consume wholesome plant foods rich in such vitamins, minerals, omega 3, glutamine or CoQ10, our body will produce its ownnutrients, enzymes and glucosamine that it deem needs.

By replacing nutrients that are supposed to be secreted by the body can disrupt natural body processes, create imbalance and cause dependency.

How do we identify a Whole food supplement from a Synthetic Vitamin/Mineral supplement ?

One can study the Ingredients listing / Supplement Facts on the bottle or box label. The following are some examples.

beta carotene supplementvitamin c and e supplements


non whole food supplement 4

synthetic vitamins


Examples of whole food supplements (Gart and Vegecolor)




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