Orchestra with sparkling water tastes so nice and so thirst-quenching!!!

What I have here are Orchestra kumquats. Ordered sparkling water and added in the self-brought orchestra sachets. Wow, this really brings the taste of orchestra to the next level πŸ˜€ Same for the sparkling water… the plain carbonated drink becomes a super healthy drink!

I like to bring Orchestra with me when I have meals outside. It can reduce inflammation triggered by fried and spicy food, and can prevent the throat from getting sore. It can also enhance digestion and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. And more importantly, inhibits fat absorption 🀭 All these are contributed by the ingredients Kumazasa, Ashitaba and Platycodon found in Orchestra!


In a blink of an eye…

In a blink of an eye, I have been in the Nutritional Immunology Business with E.Excel for over 19 years!

From a part-time to a full-time career. Looking back, it has been such a fulfilling journey; making new friends and meeting people from all walks of life! From becoming an employee after graduation to a traditional stall owner, and now as an Independent Distributor. The latter was not something that I had planned for πŸ˜‚. Yet, it is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life πŸ™ƒ!

This business has shaped my life, builds my discipline, and gives me the opportunity to meet many new friends. Health has always been my priority. So doing what I enjoy, is to have continual learning in the disease prevention arena, and at the same time having my own working hours and having full control over my rice bowl. Now I also have more time to spend with my family and meaningful time at volunteering.

Life experience and fulfilments are not something money can buy. I am blessed this path has given me both. I am glad to have like-minded friends on this path, to travel, and grow together. I am glad I have chosen a successful and established company to partner with πŸ™.


E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil as a Dip!

I have been wanting to try the E.Excel blended cooking oil as a dip…

Healthiest oil available in the market!

But just the oil alone seems a bit boring😬

Decided to add black vinegar and sprinkle some Italian herbs to a spoonful of the oil. Such dip must go with a baguette … Proceeded to find a recipe for the baguette … glad my bread maker machine can do 3/4 of the job, hehe.

Oven-baked baguette

The following shows my first attempt! Though the baguette is not the usual long narrow loaf, lucky it still tastes like one lol. The dip really goes very well with the baguette… In less than a minute, the dip is empty, thanks to my hubby.


A day with my Mother-in-law

On Saturday (21/05), I received a call from my mil. Her voice didn’t sound good… her voice was shivering and weak. She said she was having gastric pain and kept vomiting the night before; after makan one rambutan. She asked if I have any “medicine” for her to take. (She was referring to my E.excel products.)

Suspecting food poisoning, I immediately rushed down to her place with Millennium beverage and Act. (missed out Nutriact… ) Her stomach was still churning when I reached there. Face paled and could neither sit nor lie down. She was in great pain. When I asked her a scale of 10, what was her pain level. She told me 20.

I opened up five capsules of Act, mixed with little warm water for her. I told her she should note a little difference in half-hour. If she did not, it means it may not be food poisoning and I need to bring her to see a doctor.

After the first dose, she started to burp and this is a good sign. 10 mins passed. I asked how was her pain level now. She said dropped a little bit. But still painful. So it worked, meaning it could really be food poisoning.

I made her another five capsules of Act. This was around 15 mins after the first dose. My mentality is to quickly give the immune cells the bullets (nutrients) to fight the virus/bacteria so the latter will not continue to multiply uncontrollably. She burped again. This time she said her stomach was no longer as bloated. The swell subsided significantly. And the good thing is she could finally lie on the bed and rest. (Initially, her pain was on her entire waist portion. Then the pain left on one side of her waist)

Half an hour later after her second dose, when she woke up slightly, I made Millennium beverage for her. Immediately she felt the bloatedness again. I told her this is part of the recovery symptom. And in less than 2 mins, she fell asleep soundly. From extreme pain to falling asleep, it took less than an hour…I made her another packet of Millennium added in with 5 capsules of ACT. And this time she let go of a lot of gas.

Soon after my sil and bil came to visit her. I left after telling them if mil felt better and they would like to bring her to see a doctor, to do so…

I am thankful for the knowledge that I have gathered over the years from Nutritional Immunology. With Nutritional Immunology knowledge and the products, the family does not have to go through anguish and desperation. We can take charge of our own health and not just leave it to the doctors as their responsibilities. Our lives, we take charge.


An Orange or Vitamin C pill?

I am pretty sure everyone wants to be healthy. To have good health, one of the keys is to have a good immune system. But can a good immune system be built from taking vitamin pills? Or it should be derived from taking a food that is wholesome?

The key to a healthy body is BALANCE. Orange has more just vitamin C. It also contains calcium, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, phytonutrients, and many other nutrients that have yet to be discovered. Replenishing just vitamin C in high concentrations, despite its water-soluble form, may still cause an imbalance in the body. Side effects include heartburn, bloating, insomnia, skin flushing, fatigue, and kidney stones.

Vitamin C in oral form can also interact with various medications such as the heart disease medications.


The best gift for Mother’s Day

Parents’ good health is the children’s best asset. Not sure if you feel the same. My dad left us when I was around 23 and he was 55. When he was around, the only gift I can think of for him was a massage chair. Tens of years have passed, my mom is now 76. Looking back, I know the best thing I have given my mom over the years is E.Excel products. At the current age of 76, she is very mobile, goes anywhere she wants and is independent. Her medical expenses are almost negligible. Ain’t all these the best gifts for us, the children?

The very first product my mom took is <ART>, when she was around 58. Like most elderly in their 50s who begin to experience knee pain. I got her on <ART> and it is currently one product that she believes so strongly about and does not want to stop taking. These days when people begin to walk with a limp at early 50s, she can still run for buses in her 70sπŸ˜….

<Nutrifresh> and <Evernew Orange> have also helped her long-term constipation problem. She is also on <Vision>, <Circle>, <Refresh>, <Encore>, <Millennium> and <Nutriact>. Every time when she has her eyes checked at GP, she passes with flying colors. When most of her peers went through cataract-removal surgery, she does not need to.

With the launch of <toThink> a few years back, immediately I want her to have it after studying the ingredients.

<toThink> contains very high concentration of American Ginseng and Lion Mane Mushroom. I am pretty sure no one can find such high concentration of american ginseng in another product brand, at this pricing.

After reading various literature on American ginseng, I definitely want my mom to have it! Vitality, prevent dementia, improves immunity, reduces flu and cold occurrences, reduces inflammation, and mental alertness. I told myself this is a must-have for her, at her age. And I always emphasised to her to finish one pack in less than three days for best results. I am glad she listens πŸ™‚

I brought her for half yearly regular GP checkup and they will test her memory. And I always tell the doctors her memory is better than mine lol. Recently the doctor said, yes she could tell her memory is good. haha

So you see, ain’t the products investment all well worth it?


The launch of PlusO2 Scalp Balance

Today is the official launch for E.Excel PlusO2 Scalp balance. A product that many will look forward to use it! Because these days many people are victims of hair loss 😩

Plenty of reasons for hair loss… late nights, poor nutrients in-take, infections, medical conditions, scalp microbiome imbalance, and poor quality shampoos.

PlusO2 Scalp Balance uses perflurocarbons (PFCs) as the key ingredients to deliver air capsules to our hair follicles for healthier and shiny hair! Our scalp is skin and therefore it needs oxygen too! (Thickest skin on our body πŸ˜‚)

Protecting our ‘crown’ requires effort. But it deserves our effort as it can really make a big difference to how young a person can look, and how a person can look.

Our scalp ages six times faster than the skin on our face. As it ages, hair growth will be thinner. So we have to take care of our scalp early with regular scalp spa care!


The Vegan “Chicken Soup” !

Yes, I know it is hard to imagine that an all plant-based ingredient can deliver the taste of a chicken soup πŸ˜… So this goes to show how much effort the company’s R&D has put in on the ingredients formulation lol.

I usually use Soup de EExcel to whip out a simple lunch. I will boil my udon/mee hoon/mee sua with added ingredients that I like, eg. tofu, seaweed, mushrooms, in around 300ml of water. Once they are boiled, I pour them into the serving bowl, stir in a packet of soup de. That’s all! No other condiments are needed, hehe. A person’s portion.

Soup de contains Soybean, white radish, carrot, pear, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprout, radish leaf, spinach, cauliflower, and green bell pepper. More than 10 different types of ingredients! So even if I am just cooking my plain noodles with soup de, I am already taking in these ingredients in good concentration πŸ˜‰ This is where I get my plant-based protein too!


A Meal at Lotus Vegetarian

I must say this is one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants. It has a nice ambience where you can enjoy nice food with family and friends.

(Pardon me for the not so nice photos that I have taken. I am not very good at taking dishes and most of the time when the dishes arrived, before thinking of the camera, part of the dishes are already inside my stomach lol)

Prawns with chilli crab sauce
Nice dish!
Fried Buttered Abalone Mushrooms
Fried Thai-Styled Fish – One of the dishes that I will recommend

I also like their tim sum, and fried mee siam. The next time I would like to try their laksa πŸ˜›


About Myself…

Hi, my name is Ai.

I studied Electronics and Computer Engineering as a student and picked up The Specialist Diploma in Nutrition and Exercise Science with Singapore Polytechnic as an adult.

E.Excel has been my full-time career for the past 15 years and adding on to the plate is eLead Global for the last 5 years. Both E.Excel and eLead Global are by the same Founder – Dr. Jau-Fei Chen.

Before E.Excel, I had a 9-to-5 job for about eight years. I had also tried my hands at traditional business before venturing into E.Excel Network Marketing. After consuming the products for a few months and gaining an understanding on the Business Structure, I have to say that I never look back again!

Sharing is my passion, and being able to share and inspire, helping and enrich another’s person life, while gaining self-fulfillment is what I find an ideal career!

I am very thankful to have been introduced to Nutritional Immunology products and be able to partner with renowned Scientist in a reliable, successful and well-established company. All my hard work is rewarded, and now I have more time for my family, friends, and volunteering to return back to society.

I am also a vegetarian and I love going to different places to try different vegetarian foods with friends. I am not born vegetarian, but it is definitely one of the best decisions I have made, other than choosing this career (E.Excel/eLead).

I hope I can update this blog as often as I can, and hope the information that I have shared will be of use to you. Occasionally, I will share interesting vegetarian foods I have come across too. Good things are to be shared!

The last two months were crazy… with the rise of Omicron cases, I had to do several urgent deliveries of NI products. But the rewarding part was, my friends recovered quickly and did not really suffer from long-covid or lingering after-covid symptoms like cough, and fatigue. Now the pandemic here seems to be cooling down, I can find more time to update my blog too. You may also drop me a chat for inquiries. Cheers!

(please continue to scroll down for new updates)