Prevent Liver Inflammation

Our liver gets inflamed almost immediately when we consume friedoily and, or spicy foods.

Prolong inflammation of the liver is not good as it can lead to fatty liver diseaseinsulin resistance with type 2 diabetescirrhosisfatigue, and even liver failure.

Unlike inflammation that occurs in other parts of our body where the pain will be felt, inflammation of the liver usually offers no signs and symptoms.  Thus prevention is of ultimate importance.

Presently, there’s no medical treatment for fatty liver disease. The good news is that most people can undo this damage by eating healthier and exercising more. Eating less animal products, eating more wholesome plant foods, more vegetables and fruits, such as blueberries, oriental raisin tree, Chinese mesona, and hawthorn, coupled with regular exercise, can be beneficial for the liver.

Phytotime contains the above mentioned ingredients. The way to drink Phytotime (Joy) is along with your meals!  When I drink it along with spicy meals, I find that my tongue doesn’t feel as ‘spicy’!  In other words, I can enjoy the spiciness of the food without feeling the burning sensation of my tongue!  I also drink it when I’m having my occasional favourite junk foods such as spicy potato/tapioca chips ?

1 April 2019

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How to choose a Healthy Cooking Oil?

Good cooking oil must meet both the following criteria:

1) High Smoke Point
Once you start to see smoke rising from your cooking wok/pan, you have reached the smoke point of the oil.  When this happens, the oil has broken down and started to produce toxic and carcinogenic substances.
“Cooking oils must not be used to the point where they exceed their smoke points or oxidization will cause them to become rancid and produce large amounts of harmful free radicals and polymers.” – The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

2) 1:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for our body.  Plant oils are usually the main and direct source of our omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Modern diets contain large amounts of oil.  This can be seen from the dishes whipped out when we dine out; coupled with the misconception that plant oils are healthy and thus be consumed in any amount.  This resulted in the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 consumed can often be as high as 30:1.  The ideal ratio should be 1:1 and 4:1.

When one consumes too much omega-6 fatty acids, it can be the path to various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Plant-based foods are beneficial to health but when extracted as oil, their molecular structures undergo changes and most of their nutrients are destroyed.  As with other oils, plant oils are high in calories and when consumed, it adds stress on the body.

Watch how one can choose a healthier cooking oil based on the above criteria.

13 March 2019.

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Canada’s Food Guide dropping off milk and favors plant-based protein

It is getting apparent that plant-based protein is slowing emerging as a better choice over animal-based protein.

The journey of advocating plant-based protein over animal-based protein as a healthier option is indeed long and arduous! ?

An interesting extract from the article “You go to any grocery store in Europe, the dairy section is very small — you can barely find milk.”

4 March 2019.

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Make good use of the Triflora tea-bag!

Triflora helps a lot in preventing headaches…

Perhaps due to its jasmine flowers, green tea, ginseng and chrysanthemum. It is good for respiratory and digestion too.

But do not simply throw away the used tea-bag after consuming!  

Some use it as fertilizers for their plants, some use it as lei cha 擂茶 (thunder tea) ingredients and for me, I use it to wash my cups and clean my hands!  I like the tea fragrance that lingers on the cup and on my hands ?

1) As fertilizers, you may or may not remove the tea-bag.
2) As thunder tea, cut open the tea-bag and use it in the thunder tea.  It is preservative and pesticide-free!
3) As a wash, I use it with the bag, like a sponge.  Yes it does remove mild oil too!  Discard after a few use.

26 January 2019.

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Healthy and economical breakfast / snack!

Cracking your head over breakfast choices?  For yourself and growing children?  No time to prepare and tired of having oily economic bee hoon daily?

Breakfast and snacks need not be unhealthy, with Nutrifresh.

very nice and aromatic…
this is with 1-shape lite

You can mix your museli with any of the products

Nutrifresh (with 250ml of water)
1-shape/lite (with 350ml of water)
Evernew orange (with 350ml of water)
Everstay-D (with 350ml of water)

For people with special dietary needs such as diabetics, you can use Nutrifresh-D Evernew-D

Play around with the different types of muesli too!
Have fun creating a variety of healthy breakfast and snacks for yourself and growing children!

14 January 2019

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In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 2: Animal Protein links to Cancer and Osteoporosis

We often hear people saying, if you do not consume meat, drink milk or take cheese (dairy products), you will not have enough protein.  You will not have enough calcium.  You will have a calcium deficiency.

Well, no doubt meat and milk contain calcium and protein, however, in the Science of Nutritional Immunology, we learnt protein and calcium from plant sources will be better absorbed and retained by our body.  Over-consumption of animal-based protein on the other hand, will lead to osteoporosis.

Of course over the years, some people may still not be convinced.  After all, the majority of us grew up consuming meat and are taught by our parents that meat is the only source of nutrients and we need them in our food.  We also grew up watching media advertisement on drinking milk to prevent calcium loss. 

In my current course on Nutrition, it is also clear that if we consume too much meat and dairy products, not only we are not able to prevent calcium loss, we are actually creating the pathway for calcium to be depleted from our body (as seen from below slide).   

Hopefully with this, more awareness can be created.  If you read from advertisements that milk is a good source of calcium and can prevent osteoporosis, do check the source of the advertisement.  It is likely to be from dairy manufacturers promoting their products.

10 January 2019.

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Happy new year 2019!

Came back to Singapore from Bangkok on the 27th Dec and down with flu on the 29th.

On the 29th, the sore throat was immediately revealed after having laksa for lunch.  I believe I must have caught the virus in Bangkok when I did not drink enough water and still indulged in spice and fries.  And then laksa…

I quickly popped myself with <Act> throughout the day and kept drinking <Triflora>.  Took also an <Orchestra>, a packet of <toHusk>, a packet of <Nutriact> and a packet of <1-shape lite>.  Mucus trickled from my nose throughout the day.  Fortunately, I could be home wiping off the mucus and blowing it out.  Usually, by end of the day, I would have recovered.

However, this strain of the virus seemed to be new for my immune system.  I began to feel feverish towards the end of the day.  I felt my body inflamed and a headache with intermittent pulling sensation.  In the middle of the night, my fever got higher.

Luckily for me, my husband woke up 3 times to make me <Millennium beverage>.  Each time I drank, I could feel my temperature drop a fair bit and I could sleep better with a less inflamed and sore body.  Finally, after the third drink, the fever was gone.

The following day, on the 30th, still feeling weak after the battle, I continued my <Act>, <Triflora>, <Millennium beverage> and <Nutriact>.

Today is the 1st of January 2019, I am glad I got back my zest on the first day of the year ?

According to Dr Chen, how do we know if we have a good immune system?  It is from how fast we recover.
“If you recover within 7 days, good.
10 days, still okay.
More than 10 days, not so strong”

I am glad I recovered in less than 4 days.  With most thanks to my hubby!

Happy new year to all and let’s embrace it with love and gratitude!

1 January 2019

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In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 1 Sharing: Heart disease

Why it is dangerous to engage in a physically demanding activity if you have a pre-existing cardiovascular disease.

Watch this video to understand what happens in the situation of a heart attack.

Heart disease is a silent killer.  It can rob your life even when you are sleeping.  It is The #1 cause of death in Singapore, right after Cancer.

We heard of people who ran, collapsed and died suddenly.  One known reason is Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) – the formation of plaque in our artery walls that causes the artery to become narrower, restricting blood flow.

In the video, the victim was running and panting with his heart beating faster than normal.  Red blood cells were gushing through his arteries to meet the demand for more oxygen from his heart.  The gushing cells were hitting against the plaque in his vessel, causing disintegration.  Cells got stuck at the site and in no time, the site was accumulated with the red blood cells which formed a blockage. 

As the passageway got narrower, it reduced the flow of blood to his heart.  Oxygen supply to the heart thus was greatly reduced; just when it was needed most..

The oxygen-deprived heart sent the pain signal to his brain.  Not having experienced pain from the heart before, the victim thought it was simply indigestion; no idea that it was the start of his heart attack.

The above scenario could happen to anyone.  We may not know if we have CAD.  The plaque can be made of cholesterol, calcium and or fats.  CAD can lead to stroke, heart attack and other forms of cardiovascular diseases.

Nutritional Immunology stresses prevention.  Some of the wholesome foods good for our cardiovascular health are cactus, hawthorn, kumazasa, cordyceps mycelium. They can be found in Millennium, Encore, Orchestra, Millennium Gold.

9 December 2018.

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O-Seed unexpected benefits my hair and nails

I only started taking <O-Seed> two months ago (3 capsules once a day) and I started to notice that my nails grow faster than usual.  I don’t keep fingernails and I usually cut them to the shortest possible every month.  Since last month, I started to notice that my nails grow at a faster rate than normal; usually, it takes about a month for my nails to grow to the length that I would need to cut them, but now it takes only about 2 weeks to grow to the same length.  Same for my hair, I started to notice a lot of new hair growth on my head as well.

These are unexpected benefits because I started to take <O-Seed> for more Omega-3 to counter off the excess Omega-6 in my daily diets and hence to reduce my risk of cardiovascular disease.  As I’m already in my 40s, I didn’t expect my hair and nails to still grow at this rate!  Now I can put aside my worry of baldness and age gracefully 🙂

Article by Ou Ee Him. 24 October 2018.

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Antibiotics ineffective against Virus

Glad that Health Promotion Board is finally taking a more aggressive approach to create this awareness; with such a cute video too!

The public needs to be clear on this, and be firm when telling their doctors that they shouldn’t be prescribed with antibiotics unnecessarily when they are diagnosed with flu, a type of virus-related disease, and not bacterial related. With this, we hope the case of super bugs will not continue to be rampant and we are not hurting our gut unnecessarily.

It was mentioned in The Straits Times, headline Doctors too trigger-happy with antimicrobials.  (dated 2 October 2018); how doctors actually prescribed antibiotics freely.

An extract from the article that we need to be aware:
Antibiotics kill millions of good bacteria in our gut.  We have been rearing these since childhood.  It will take time to build them up again.  Antibiotics should not be given unless absolutely necessary.

16 October 2019.

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