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elemente skincare
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Product General Purpose

Price SGD (MP/RP)

For the Face

Gentle Facial Wash

Skin feels soft and comfortably clean with the gentle cleanser's luxurious lather. No dryness or tightness after cleansed. Suitable for all.

100g per tube
50 /60
Hydrating Facial Wash

Skin feels squeky clean after one wash. Rich lather that cleanses away excess oil and impurities. Those with oily skin or acne-prone skin may prefer this wash.

100g per tube
50 /60
Facial Cleansing Liquid

Skin feels satin smooth after cleansing. Gentle formula suitable for all skin types. A two-in-one wash that cleanses make-up as well. (For waterproof eye make up, please use your waterproof makeup remover first)

150ml per bottle
65 / 78
Blanc Reveal

An exfoliating gel that removes pore-clogging dead cells, dirt and sebum. Just one use reveals smoother, clearer and a more radiant skin. Enlarged pores get minimized too. To be used on dry face.

60g per tube
85 / 102
Oxyginberry Essence A calming toning lotion that contains exceptionally high concentration of oxyginberry essence. Enhances skin renewal and repair. The first step after a cleansed face. 115ml per bottle
145 / 174
Youth Rejuvenator Specialist

A serum that minimizes the outlook of pores and fine lines on our face to deliver a more flawless skin texture.
It deploys perfluorocarbons (PFCs) that deliver oxygen directly to the skin dermis and increase the skin volume by 10-15%. This reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, helping cells breathe better and expelling excess carbon dioxide to deliver a more radiant look!

30g per bottle
151 / 181
Rose Phytolift Firming Moisture Gel Rose contains up to 50 times the amount of vitamin C in lemons. This high concentration of vitamin enhances our body's ability to produce our own collagen. Rose phytolift firming moisture gel is for morning use and consistent use increases our skin elasticity, firming, delays visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. 25g per bottle
88 / 105
Rose Phytolift Intensive Facial Cream Rose phytolift intensibve facial cream is for night use. Complement with rose phytolift firming moisture gel for day use. 25g per bottle
119 / 142
Cactus Aqua Gel Contains higher concentration of cactus that has anti-inflammatory effect. Delivers especialy good results for sensitive and acne prone skin. The gel forms a protective film barrier on skin that locks in moisture and nutrients, slowly releases them into skin for long-lasting hydration. 39g per bottle
115 / 138
Cactus Hydrating Lotion Cactus hydrating lotion is for night use. Complement with cactus aqua gel for day use. 150ml per bottle
115 / 138
Advanced Illuminating Snow Serum Contains the ingredient phenylethyl resorcinol to improve the appearance of dull skin and delivers an even skin tone that is clear, luminous and smooth. 30ml per tube
100 / 120
Advanced Illuminating Regenerating Cream Advance illuminating regenerating cream for night use. Complement with advanced illuminating snow serum for day use. 30g per bottle
108 / 129
Essence of the Sea Lotion Contains higher concentration of seaweed. It deeply hydrates the skin and leaves a velvet finish texture. It is also suitable for use in cold weather. 40g per bottle
124 / 148
Rose Pearl Hydrating Cream This moisturizer contains ceramides and hydrolyzed conchiolin protein that strengthens the skin. Especially good for skin with visible red spider veins and thinner skin that is often sensitive and peels easily. 35g per bottle
138 / 165
Advanced Iluminating Intensive Reviving Mask Luxurious sheet mask that drenches skin with phenylethyl resorcinol, perfluorocarbon (PFCs) and oxyginberry complex, leaving face refreshed, radiant, moisturised and radiant. Use before and after if you are out on a beach. 20g x 6pcs
76 / 91
Rose Phytolift Firming Eye Essence An eye cream that boosts the collagen at eye area, uplifts and greatly reduces puffy eyes, dark rings and fine lines. 25g per bottle
133 / 159
Sunny Time SPF50 PA+++ Lotion A refreshing non-sticky sunblock lotion that is suitable for use in hot and humid climate. It can be applied on face and body. 30ml per bottle
85 / 102
Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ Cream A cream-based sunblock for application on face. Suitable for cold climates and long hours in air-conditioned rooms 30g per tube
85 / 102
For the Body
Pampering Shower Cream A shower cream that cleanses and deeply moisturizes your skin. Leaves your body dewy soft and smooth with delicate fragrance. It is also suitable for eczema skin. 300ml per bottle
50 / 60
Lavender Essence Shower Gel Exfoliate your skin gently with the micro-granules. The active anti-bacterial ingredient leaves your skin lasting protection against germs. Infused with lavender essential oil, lavender essence shower gel leaves your skin luminous, hydrated and pleasantly scented. 280g per tube
46 / 55
Fragrance Indulgences Shower Cream Frangrance indulgences shower cream comes in 4 different aromas: Floral, Lemongrass, Almond and Apple. Choose your favourite scent and have your bathroom fills with the smell! 200g per bottle
31 / 37
Fragrance Indulgences Body Lotion Frangrance indulgences body spray lotion comes in 4 different aromas: Floral, Lemongrass, Almond and Apple. Choose your favourite scent and have your body smells with the aroma!

150ml per bottle
62 / 74

Peppermint Energizing Body Lotion

In hot climates, the skin craves refreshing, breathable care. This lightweight body lotion formulated with peppermint refreshes and comforts the skin like never before!
For all ages. Use on entire body. Ideal for summer and those who love a cooling sensation.

130ml per tube
60 / 50
Rose Phytolift Firming Hand Treatment A hand treatment cream that penetrates deep and moisturize the skin, producing a more firmed and dedicate hands. It also contains unique anti-bacterial ingredient that suppresses bacterial growth. Enjoy the scent of roses at the same time!
It is also a good moisturizer for eczema-prone skin.
50g per tube
56 / 67
Anti bacterial Hand Wash A rich, concentrated hand wash that is gentle for hands and suitable for frequent use. Just a little amount is sufficient for a wash and it has anti-bacterial effect that lasts for more than 6 hours. 250ml per bottle
42 / 50
For the Hair
Color Protective Moisturizing Shampoo Leaves no dangle to your hair after wash. Deeply cleanses, moisturizes and strengthens your hair. 300ml per bottle
40 / 48
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Cleanses your scalp to clear oil clogs. Allows healthy growth of hair. Also works well for scalp that is acne-prone. 300ml per bottle
50 / 60
Fragrance Indulgences Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Oxyginberry Advanced Scalp Concentrate Fragrance indulgences anti-dandruff shampoo comes in 4 different aromas: Floral, Lemongrass, Almond and Apple. Choose your favourite ones and enjoy your your scent the whole day! 200g per bottle
31 / 37
Moisturizing Conditioner A concentrated conditioner that deeply nourishes and protects dry and damaged hair. The ultra-moisturizing formula prevents hair breakage and you can say no forever to split end and dangled hair! Easy combing every morning when you wake up! 300ml per tube
50 / 60
Intensive Hair Revival Masque

Delivers deep repair and immediately softens damaged hair after one use.

Directions: Apply moisturizing conditioner to your hair after shampoo. Apply the revival masque over the conditioner. Leave them on for 5 mins and enjoy a silky-smooth hair wash. For more effective results, leave them on for 15-20mins before you wash them.

200g per tube
45 / 54
Moisturizing Hair Color Kit The easy-apply-on cream color kit conditions and colors hair in just 10 mins. It is milder than harsh chemicals and the intensity of the color can be adjusted per desired according to the length of time (up to 30mins). Comes in dark brown and light brown. You can mix both dark brown and light brown to get the customized color that your prefer! 60g / 2 tubes
50 / 60
For Oral

Comes in 3 flavours: Mint, Strawberry, Melon.

Brush for healthy and bright teeth! Contains hydroxyapatite, a substance used in artifical bones to fill up crevices. The toothpaste has repair, whitening, anti-cavity and anti-bacterial properties. Effective for sensitive gums.

Does not contains fluroide, triclosan and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and abrasives.

110g per tube
21 / 25
Baby Series
Baby Gentle Shampoo The surface of baby skin has an acidic protective layer known as an acid mantle to help prevent bacterial infection and maintain skin suppleness and smoothness. Hence it is best to use non-alkaline and soap-free babycare products that will not damage the acid mantle. Baby skin appears to be perfect, but has low protective function, is easily damaged and dehydrated, and cannot tolerate irritation. 200ml per bottle
39 / 46
Baby Gentle Conditioner 200ml per bottle
45 / 54
Baby Shower Gel 200ml per bottle
39 / 46
Baby Lotion 80g per tube
70 / 84
Baby Powder 65g per bottle
56 / 67
Aroma Series

Scent relaxes one's mind and lightens one's spirit. But it is important that the oil is of pure and clean quality as what you smell goes direct into your blood stream.

Aroma series use advanced distillation process for pure extraction of the oils from only quality plants. Thus you can de-stress and indulge yourself in the essence of your favourite scent! Comes in 5 aroma: Rose, Lavender, Lemograss, Apple, Jasmine. You may mix the essences to get your customized scent.

23ml per bottle
65 / 78


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