Good antibacterial hand wash

We know that we can get infected with virus and bacterial from uncleaned hands.  With babies keep putting their tiny fingers into their mouth, adults that will land their hands on their own eyes and mouth, a good habit of regular washing hands is thus of extreme important.

With this, a good hand wash that is effective, not leaving our hands peeled, dry and itchy, is necessary.

The premium Antibacterial Handwash contains oxyginberry complex, peach leaf, jojoba leaf, licorice leaf and gardenia tahitensis flower. It is highly effective against germs, various fungi and viruses. It leaves a long lasting protection layer against bacteria. Long term use of it will neither affect its efficacy in killing and inhibiting bacteria nor lead to drug-resistance.

This antibacterial handwash can be used on any parts of our body.  It is mild, and yet effective. A mother uses this as a baby wash to bathe her baby.  When the baby caught HFMD, the blisters only appeared under the baby’s feet!  The reason was when the mother bathes the baby, the antibacterial handwash was used on everywhere except the soles of the baby’s feet! ?

7 October 2018.