Antibiotics ineffective against Virus

Glad that Health Promotion Board is finally taking a more aggressive approach to create this awareness; with such a cute video too!

The public needs to be clear on this, and be firm when telling their doctors that they shouldn’t be prescribed with antibiotics unnecessarily when they are diagnosed with flu, a type of virus-related disease, and not bacterial related. With this, we hope the case of super bugs will not continue to be rampant and we are not hurting our gut unnecessarily.

It was mentioned in The Straits Times, headline Doctors too trigger-happy with antimicrobials.  (dated 2 October 2018); how doctors actually prescribed antibiotics freely.

An extract from the article that we need to be aware:
Antibiotics kill millions of good bacteria in our gut.  We have been rearing these since childhood.  It will take time to build them up again.  Antibiotics should not be given unless absolutely necessary.

16 October 2019.