E.Excel Manufacturer earned GOLD award for its Manufacturing

Extra Excellence Manufacturing Pte Ltd has once again received Food Safety Grade A from Singapore AVA Authority. 

GOLD awards are for awardees that have been achieving Grade A standard every year, for 15 years!  Wow, that’s a milestone! – Extra Excellence!

Extra Excellence Manufacturing occupies a 35,000 sq feet at Senoko Crescent.  It adopts the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAC-CP) based food safety management system to ensure that all potential food safety hazards in the production process are identified and controls are in place to minimise and eliminate them.

The factory on its own accord has qualified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. The factory is always subjected to planned and un-announced inspections by local and overseas food  regulatory authorities. External audits include AVA, HSA, MUIS and overseas audit by U.S.A FDA and South Korea FDA. 

5 August 2018.