In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 1 Sharing: Heart disease

Why it is dangerous to engage in a physically demanding activity if you have a pre-existing cardiovascular disease.

Watch this video to understand what happens in the situation of a heart attack.

Heart disease is a silent killer.  It can rob your life even when you are sleeping.  It is The #1 cause of death in Singapore, right after Cancer.

We heard of people who ran, collapsed and died suddenly.  One known reason is Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) – the formation of plaque in our artery walls that causes the artery to become narrower, restricting blood flow.

In the video, the victim was running and panting with his heart beating faster than normal.  Red blood cells were gushing through his arteries to meet the demand for more oxygen from his heart.  The gushing cells were hitting against the plaque in his vessel, causing disintegration.  Cells got stuck at the site and in no time, the site was accumulated with the red blood cells which formed a blockage. 

As the passageway got narrower, it reduced the flow of blood to his heart.  Oxygen supply to the heart thus was greatly reduced; just when it was needed most..

The oxygen-deprived heart sent the pain signal to his brain.  Not having experienced pain from the heart before, the victim thought it was simply indigestion; no idea that it was the start of his heart attack.

The above scenario could happen to anyone.  We may not know if we have CAD.  The plaque can be made of cholesterol, calcium and or fats.  CAD can lead to stroke, heart attack and other forms of cardiovascular diseases.

Nutritional Immunology stresses prevention.  Some of the wholesome foods good for our cardiovascular health are cactus, hawthorn, kumazasa, cordyceps mycelium. They can be found in Millennium, Encore, Orchestra, Millennium Gold.

9 December 2018.