Colon polyps and the importance of fiber!

The photo shows part of a colon that has multiple polyps, removed from a patient.  Usually, colon polyps cause no symptoms.

Healthy cells grow and divide in an orderly way.  Mutation of the cell’s DNA can cause cell to divide in an uncontrolled manner.  This unregulated growth can cause polyps to form.  A person with the tendency of getting polyps is at higher risk of getting colon cancer as these may later turn cancerous.

Colon cancer is the number 1 cancer in Singapore for men.  More than 600 people die from colon cancer in Singapore every year.  However, colon cancer can easily be prevented with the right diet and with sufficient dietary fiber intake.

Dietary fiber comprises soluble and insoluble fiber.Insoluble fiber acts like a broom in our body to sweep away the toxins. Soluble fiber forms a lining in our intestinal tract and aids in preventing our body from absorbing excess cholesterol, fats, calories and sugar. With a cleaner digestive tract, nutrients get absorbed more effectively by our body; we get less prone to colon diseases and, at the same time with a good digestive system, we get clearer complexion.

Evernew orange plays a good role to help maintain our colon health, as well as to maintain the healthy bacteria in our gut. It contains a balance mix of soluble and insoluble fiber from the mix of Orange, banana, oats and psyllium husk.

The importance of dietary fiber:

  • Protects our heart – soluble fiber interferes with fat and cholesterol absorption, thus lowering cholesterol and protects the heart
  • Regulates blood sugar level – some soluble fiber helps lower blood sugar level and aids insulin sensitivity
  • Controls weight – fiber has no calories, yet it could provide a satiety
  • Maintains good bacteria in our intestines – good bacteria aids in effective nutrients absorption and formation of cancer-resistant acids in our colon. They detoxify harmful compounds and produce vitamin B and K.
  • Promotes regular bowel movements – fiber adds bulk to the stool and with that it can pass through the colon easier and be expelled with little strain.
  • Prevent other health conditions such as diverticulosis, hemorrhoides and varicose veins.

23 September 2018.