The launch of PlusO2 Scalp Balance

Today is the official launch for E.Excel PlusO2 Scalp balance. A product that many will look forward to use it! Because these days many people are victims of hair loss 😩

Plenty of reasons for hair loss… late nights, poor nutrients in-take, infections, medical conditions, scalp microbiome imbalance, and poor quality shampoos.

PlusO2 Scalp Balance uses perflurocarbons (PFCs) as the key ingredients to deliver air capsules to our hair follicles for healthier and shiny hair! Our scalp is skin and therefore it needs oxygen too! (Thickest skin on our body πŸ˜‚)

Protecting our ‘crown’ requires effort. But it deserves our effort as it can really make a big difference to how young a person can look, and how a person can look.

Our scalp ages six times faster than the skin on our face. As it ages, hair growth will be thinner. So we have to take care of our scalp early with regular scalp spa care!