World’s first human case of rat Hepatitis E

Rat’s hepatitis E virus (HEV) has jumped to human.. to what Scientists feared..!!

(Did the virus finally mutate to where it can infect human beings? ?)

The case happened in Hong Kong.  A 56-year old man had underwent a liver transplant in May last year (2017) and after his discharged from hospital; he persistently had abnormal liver function test results.  It was eventually found that he had contracted the rat’s HEV.

It was suspected that he could have contracted the disease through food infected by rat droppings.  A check at where he resides (Choi Wan housing estate in Kowloon’s Wong Tai Sin District) showed signs of rat infestation.  Rat droppings are littered among piles of clutter near his place.

Good hygience is definitely very important to prevent wide spread of diseases.

A copy of the article can be accessed from the following link.

29 September 2018.