Soup de Eexcel! A healthy vegetarian nutritious soup!

What a convenience for vegetarians, vegans as well as non-vegetarians!

Making a delicious and nutritious soup can take time.  But with the modern technology of pressure cooker, it has become a breeze!  No more watching over a fire, clearing up spillage when it’s boiling or having to stay in, just to ensure everything is cooked before you can leave your house.

However, when you just needed a quick-fix, or a portion just enough for yourself, the above can also take a fair bit of time.

This is when I find Soup de EExcel very convenient!  For around S$4.20 per sachet, it is also cheaper than to ‘tabao’ (buy back) a traditional soup from outside.  The latter may not even be as healthy and high in salt.

This is what I had for my lunch today – Soup de Udon.  Delicious and satisfying?

Soup de Udon
Vegetables that I use. Whatever I can find in my fridge.

First boil the udon. Once it is cooked, place the drained udon in a serving bowl.  Next, boil around 400ml of water and cook the vegetables.  Once the vegetables are cooked, off the stove and mix in one packet of soup de eexcel.  You can smell the cabbage smell too πŸ™‚ Dispense onto the udon serving bowl.   No other condiments needed.  

Soup de Eexcel ingredients

Soup de eexcel is a high protein, nutritious and healthy soup for all ages and, is vegetarian/vegan-friendly!

Three days ago, I did Soup de Mee Sua ?.  Easy…

One can simply play around with soup de eexcel!  When used as a topping on your spaghetti, it tastes like cheese powder topping! You can also use as a stock base for your toddler’s porridge!  A good plant-based protein source for their growing up.  

12 May 2019.