Prevent Liver Inflammation

Our liver gets inflamed almost immediately when we consume friedoily and, or spicy foods.

Prolong inflammation of the liver is not good as it can lead to fatty liver diseaseinsulin resistance with type 2 diabetescirrhosisfatigue, and even liver failure.

Unlike inflammation that occurs in other parts of our body where the pain will be felt, inflammation of the liver usually offers no signs and symptoms.  Thus prevention is of ultimate importance.

Presently, there’s no medical treatment for fatty liver disease. The good news is that most people can undo this damage by eating healthier and exercising more. Eating less animal products, eating more wholesome plant foods, more vegetables and fruits, such as blueberries, oriental raisin tree, Chinese mesona, and hawthorn, coupled with regular exercise, can be beneficial for the liver.

Phytotime contains the above mentioned ingredients. The way to drink Phytotime (Joy) is along with your meals!  When I drink it along with spicy meals, I find that my tongue doesn’t feel as ‘spicy’!  In other words, I can enjoy the spiciness of the food without feeling the burning sensation of my tongue!  I also drink it when I’m having my occasional favourite junk foods such as spicy potato/tapioca chips ?

1 April 2019