In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 4: My Healthy Plate

Have you heard of My Healthy Plate?

My Healthy Plate

I didn’t… till I was exposed to it in both my modules of Diet and Disease and Applied Nutrition.

We may be more familiar with the Healthy Diet Pyramid that looks something like this…

Healthy Diet Pyramid

However, in the year 2014, the Healthy Diet Pyramid was replaced by My Healthy Plate in Singapore textbooks as the latter is a much simpler educational tool.  

The change is to encourage healthy eating habits in Singaporeans and to guide us in planning a healthy meal when dining in and/or out of the home.  

As it was said, the majority of people do not meet recommendations for both fruits and vegetables; and more than 50% do not limit the intake of deep, fried products.  Singaporeans are over-consuming unhealthy refined carbohydrates.  Thus the launch of My Healthy Plate which is much easier to remember!

Fill half of our plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with whole-grains and the other quarter with meat and others. Not missing out drinking more water, use healthier oils and be active!  (at the lower part of the plate)

This also somewhat tallies with the Institute of Medicine, AMDR recommendation for our macronutrients:45-65% carbohydrates10-35% protein20-35% fat.

So, please do not drop off or reduce carbohydrates from our diets as otherwise, our body will not be able to function well in the long term!

11 May 2019.