In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 2: Animal Protein links to Cancer and Osteoporosis

We often hear people saying, if you do not consume meat, drink milk or take cheese (dairy products), you will not have enough protein.  You will not have enough calcium.  You will have a calcium deficiency.

Well, no doubt meat and milk contain calcium and protein, however, in the Science of Nutritional Immunology, we learnt protein and calcium from plant sources will be better absorbed and retained by our body.  Over-consumption of animal-based protein on the other hand, will lead to osteoporosis.

Of course over the years, some people may still not be convinced.  After all, the majority of us grew up consuming meat and are taught by our parents that meat is the only source of nutrients and we need them in our food.  We also grew up watching media advertisement on drinking milk to prevent calcium loss. 

In my current course on Nutrition, it is also clear that if we consume too much meat and dairy products, not only we are not able to prevent calcium loss, we are actually creating the pathway for calcium to be depleted from our body (as seen from below slide).   

Hopefully with this, more awareness can be created.  If you read from advertisements that milk is a good source of calcium and can prevent osteoporosis, do check the source of the advertisement.  It is likely to be from dairy manufacturers promoting their products.

10 January 2019.


Drinking milk prevents osteoporosis?

Drinking milk will not prevent osteoporosis (brittle bones).

People will always seem not convinced when I mention this to them.  After all, most of us grow up drinking formula milk believing that it gives us protein and calcium, and ‘nothing has been wrong’!

With advancement in technology, more Research has been done and whether you believe or not, yes, milk does not prevent osteoporosis and in contrary, it gives rise to osteoporosis!  So stop believing in advertisements by milk companies that drinking milk can prevent brittle bones….!  The elderly who consume milk every day thinking that it will help them build stronger bones will be misled and not take the right measures.

The American Journal of Public Health published a 12-year study involving over 70,000 participants that indicated women who drank two or more glasses of milk per day faced higher risks of hip and forearm fractures when compared with women consuming one glass or less per week.

Statistics from many countries also show that a lower intake of animal products is linked to a lower rate of osteoporosis.  On the other hand, countries with a high intake of animal-based foods, such as the U.K and U.S., have high rates of osteoporosis.

20 June 2018