In my course of Nutrition and Exercise Science_Part 6: Senior Functional Fitness – Resistance training

We were given an assignment – Senior Functional Fitness, and this article that I read on The Sunday Times, Age of Possibility, Transform your body with exercise came in just helpful! (The article was dated July 14, 2019, Life segment)

The two-page article talks about how regular exercise, including resistance training, have benefitted the greying population.

An aunty, 87 of age, had been on a wheelchair for her leg and spine; eventually ditched her wheelchair after six months of resistance training, under the guidance of a physiotherapist!  She can now walk half an hour non-stop and no longer needs the wheelchair to get around.

Another uncle, age 77, was on medication for diabetes.  He used to worry about falls when walking.  After 12 weeks of exercise, he can confidently climb the overhead bridges and with his diabetes under control!

Why are resistance exercises, or also known as strength exercises so beneficial, especially for the seniors?

Resistance exercise builds our muscles, strengthen and lengthen them, increases our bone density and slows down sarcopenia – the loss of muscle mass.

With the loss of muscle mass, one may be at risk of falls.  And with less strength and power, they start to experience difficulties to carry out their activities of daily living such as not being able to walk for a longer distance without rests to a bus stop, not able to carry groceries, difficulty getting out of a car or bus.  Eventually, they may start to lose their independence.  The basic guideline for muscle – use it or you will lose it.

18 August 2019.