Bright and White Toothpaste

I have lost count to the number of years I am using this Bright and White Toothpaste. After using this Oxyginberry complex natural peppermint paste, I find myself no longer able to can use the normal mint toothpaste from retails. The latter somehow feels artificial…

Most importantly, Bright and White does not contain fluoride and triclosan, both cancer-causing agents. It alarms me to see some brands state FULL FLUORIDE PROTECTION for their toothpastes.

Why am I convinced by Bright and White?

  • When I have occasional mouth ulcer, I just have to apply the paste directly onto the ulcer. A few more applications every time I rinse my mouth, my ulcer heals pretty fast.
  • I can use it as anti-bacterial gargle without worries that the usual anti-bacterial gargle contains alcohol or may gargle away my good bacteria.
  • There was one time my mom had gum pain and there was a swell. I asked her to apply the paste directly onto the swollen area and in 30 minutes, the pain and the swell were gone! I have been giving the same advice to whomever have gum pain and has Bright and White with them. The method never fail.
  • It is effective for sensitive gums too. Gums no longer bleeds easily or sensitive to cold drinks.
  • When I do flossing, I just need to swipe the floss against the paste and do flossing. My teeth feel so clean and fresh!

21 September 2018