2024 Dr EE Zhang’s 1st Webinar Talk – Prediabetes

From Bella Magazine September 2023

PreDiabetes is the first topic zoomed in by Dr. EE for the year 2024.

It is good to know more about this topic because Singapore has the second highest proportion of Diabetics in developed nations, after the U.S.A 🙁

Prediabetes damages the heart, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys. The disease lowers our immunity and increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Prediabetes can be asymptomatic as mentioned in her webinar, so it is good to know what may contribute to a higher risk of the disease. She cited a few, including being overweight, obesity, and a family history of diabetes. The good news is, prediabetes is reversible! However, if this period is not addressed and the condition prolongs, one risks getting Type 2 Diabetes – a disease that no one will want to have a fling with in their life.

Life quality will be affected. You can get tired easily as the body has issues converting the glucose to energy; one can succumb to diseases such as kidney failure, blindness, depression, blood vessel damage, and nerve damage that can lead to amputation.

Prevention is always better than cure. There is no magical pill by the doctors for the cure. We have to depend on ourselves. The following tips are by Dr EE on reversing prediabetes. A reversal can take from weeks to months, depending on one’s determination!

Lifestyle Changes That Can Reverse Prediabetes:

  1. Exercise Regularly.
    Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and helps muscles to use blood sugar for movement, which leads to lower blood sugar levels.
  2. Consume Plain Green Tea.
    Chronic inflammation can lead to diabetes. For instance, inflammation can impair the functions of beta cells that produce insulin; inflammation can also disrupt the cells’ signal pathways and promote insulin resistance, plaque formation in the arteries.
    Green tea contains catechins which can reduce inflammation.
  3. Eat Breakfast before 8.30am.
    Blood sugar is naturally higher in the mornings to provide us the fuel and get us moving! Eating breakfast stimulates insulin production, allowing our body cells to take up the glucose in the bloodstream. Eating early in the day reduces insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar levels.
  4. Stay Hydrated.
    Water helps the kidneys flush out excess sugar through the urine. Studies show people who drank more water had a lower risk of developing high blood sugar levels. If you are not drinking enough water, the body’s natural response is to hold the water, including holding on to the sugar.
  5. Eat More Fiber
    Fiber slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and delays its absorption into the blood. Fiber promotes a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels.
  6. Get Enough Sleep
    Lack of sleep affects glucose metabolism which can lead to insulin resistance.
  7. Eat Healthy Snacks More Frequently
    Eating smaller portions makes it easier for the body to manage, leading to a more stable blood sugar level. It provides the body with a consistent energy supply.
  8. Maintain A Healthy Weight
    Excess fats in the body cause inflammation, especially abdominal fats, and fats around the organs. These can affect many functions in the body. For example, fat accumulation around the pancreas can impair pancreatic function and affect insulin production and regulation. Once these fats (weight) are reduced, insulin sensitivity will be improved!

I am happy that E.Excel Triflora Tea has been my staple drink. With Triflora, I can ensure I have ample fluid intake. Somehow with just plain water, my fluid intake tends to be low :_) With its natural ability to reduce inflammation and high antioxidant levels, this is the tea which I definitely will not want to miss.

(Ingredients: Green tea leaves, jasmine flower, ginseng, chrysanthemum flower)
Nice drink to rejuvenate your mind and de-stress



A tea that nicely contains Green Tea leaf, Jasmine Flower, Ginseng, and Chrysanthemum Flower.

Green tea contains caffeine, yet it also provides many health benefits due to its abundance of polyphenols / flavonoids which can delay signs of aging, prevent cancer, and fights inflammation.

With Triflora, we can enjoy the benefits of green teas leaves without the caffeine as Triflora’s green tea leaves are specially harvested in season when the caffeine levels are at its lowest (almost negligible).

Triflora nice blend of leaves and flowers aid the removal of waste and toxins from the body, dispels heat, calm the senses, soothe the nerves and helps ward off anxiety. Ginseng is rich in many nutrients including vitamins A, E, Bs, calcium, iron and potassium. The inclusion of Ginseng enhances the refreshing effects on the body and helps to strengthen the immune system.

I like Triflora for how it is able to keep me energize me when I am working in front of the computer the whole day. Not to mention it can keep me hydrated 😀

Oh, it can also prevent headaches, migraines, menses flu, accordingly to many.

How about decaffeinated tea? According to some experts, most decaffeinated tea has close to 70% of the polyphenols stripped off and some of the most common decaffeination methods can leave trace amounts of dangerous chemicals on the tea leaves.


Make good use of the Triflora tea-bag!

Triflora helps a lot in preventing headaches…

Perhaps due to its jasmine flowers, green tea, ginseng and chrysanthemum. It is good for respiratory and digestion too.

But do not simply throw away the used tea-bag after consuming!  

Some use it as fertilizers for their plants, some use it as lei cha 擂茶 (thunder tea) ingredients and for me, I use it to wash my cups and clean my hands!  I like the tea fragrance that lingers on the cup and on my hands ?

1) As fertilizers, you may or may not remove the tea-bag.
2) As thunder tea, cut open the tea-bag and use it in the thunder tea.  It is preservative and pesticide-free!
3) As a wash, I use it with the bag, like a sponge.  Yes it does remove mild oil too!  Discard after a few use.

26 January 2019.


Happy new year 2019!

Came back to Singapore from Bangkok on the 27th Dec and down with flu on the 29th.

On the 29th, the sore throat was immediately revealed after having laksa for lunch.  I believe I must have caught the virus in Bangkok when I did not drink enough water and still indulged in spice and fries.  And then laksa…

I quickly popped myself with <Act> throughout the day and kept drinking <Triflora>.  Took also an <Orchestra>, a packet of <toHusk>, a packet of <Nutriact> and a packet of <1-shape lite>.  Mucus trickled from my nose throughout the day.  Fortunately, I could be home wiping off the mucus and blowing it out.  Usually, by end of the day, I would have recovered.

However, this strain of the virus seemed to be new for my immune system.  I began to feel feverish towards the end of the day.  I felt my body inflamed and a headache with intermittent pulling sensation.  In the middle of the night, my fever got higher.

Luckily for me, my husband woke up 3 times to make me <Millennium beverage>.  Each time I drank, I could feel my temperature drop a fair bit and I could sleep better with a less inflamed and sore body.  Finally, after the third drink, the fever was gone.

The following day, on the 30th, still feeling weak after the battle, I continued my <Act>, <Triflora>, <Millennium beverage> and <Nutriact>.

Today is the 1st of January 2019, I am glad I got back my zest on the first day of the year ?

According to Dr Chen, how do we know if we have a good immune system?  It is from how fast we recover.
“If you recover within 7 days, good.
10 days, still okay.
More than 10 days, not so strong”

I am glad I recovered in less than 4 days.  With most thanks to my hubby!

Happy new year to all and let’s embrace it with love and gratitude!

1 January 2019