@ 12 September 2017 Freeze drying technique is the best method to retain food freshness and wholesomeness

Freeze-drying technique is used in Nutritional Immunology Products to maintain the wholesome fresh harvest. Thereafter they are made to powder and sterile-packed. With no water content and being sterile-packed, no preservatives are required. Shelf life of the products are two years.

freeze dried ingredientsfreeze drying details


@ 9 September 2017

Colorectal cancer is the most common form of cancer in Singapore. It is the No. 1 cancer for Men and No.2 cancer for Women.

However it is also one of the most easily preventable cancers. Does your diet contain sufficient dietary fiber? Meat contains no fiber and fruit juicing strips out the fiber as well.

If your diet does not contain adequate fiber and you are simply too busy to consume fruits and vegetables that are high in dietary fiber, here is something for you - Fibertalk!

Fibertalk contains both soluble and insoluble fiber that will not only sweep away the garbage from your intestinal tract, but also form a lining in your intestinal tract to prevent your body from absorbing excess cholesterol, sugar, fats and calories!

Yes, sufficient fiber intake can prevent hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and aids slimming! Let the fiber does the talking! Fibertalk


@08 September 2017. What about the majority of the vitamin supplements in the market?

Check this video out. A straight to the point video!

How to identify if your supplement that you have bought are synthetic or natural whole food? Click here.


@04 August 2017. Network Marketing.

Embrace the network marketing way of marketing a product or a service!

Some examples that you may have seen:

Shopback - Earn $69 for EVERY 3 friends referred!

Uber - Boost your earnings by introducing friends & family to drive on Uber. Big referral rewards of up to $1,000 with every invite you make, valid until Aug 6!

vCashCard - Start earning up to $75 in your new vCashCard account simply by sharing with your friends and family.

Gone may be the era of commercial and paper advertisments where one advertise their products or services. These days people go for reviews from people that have used the products. They make purchase through word-of-mouth and users' review.

For products that are still promoting via media advertisments, engaging famous media artistes and occupying expensive retail counters at shopping malls, consumers have to think about the actual value of the product. Think about the cost of TV advertisment for just 10 seconds. The cost of advertising on newspaper for a small little segment. How much then the product actually worth?


@03 August 2017. Gwei Hua Balm on Piles/Hemorrhoids...

Do you know that the Gwei Hua balm is super effective for external piles? :>


Use a cotton bud, apply a thick layer of the balm on the pile. Do so at least twice a day after bathe. Experience the immediate soothing effect and healing results the next day!

Of course to prevent this from happening, boost up your intake of fiber!


@08 July 2017. Body Lotion.

Loving Elemente 😍! Once you lay your hands on Elemente brand, you will hate to let it go...

Enjoy the smoothess of your skin when you spray the Elemente Fragrant Indulgences Body Lotion onto your skin. It has whitening effect as well, ensuring your dry and burnt out skin gets the necessary hydration and protection...


@27 February 2016. New Zealand Evergreen Life manuka honey products recalled.

honey recalled

There is information to suggest that non-approved substances, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxal (MG), may have been used during the processing of the honey. If you are consuming the above brand of manuka honey, according to AVA advice, discard them. You may google the Internet on the 18 products associated with the recall.

Made in China products give majority the impression that the products are of inferior quality and may have added non-approved ingredients. HOWEVER, products made in developed countries do not mean that the products are safe and will not have none-approved ingredients or are credible. The clue is the integrity of the Manufacturer...Get to know your Manufacturer...


@21 January 2016. Deadly Global Pollution.

Headlines from The Straits Times dated 21 January 2016 - WHO sounds alarm over deadly global pollution.

Extracts: "Before, we know that pollution was responsible for diseases like pneumonia and asthma. Now, we know that it leads to bloodstream, heart and cardiovascular diseases, too - even dementia"

This information sounds really scary. Who would have thought that pollution will be linked to dementia?

In China, 4000 people a day die from air pollution! :_I

Image result for china air pollution

Alarm is sounding. We have to prepare our immune system and respiratory system for it. Lucky we know of ACT and NOCO...otherwise, it may be tough for people like me, to wonder what sort of concoctions will be good and to find the time to prepare them.

Of course at the same time, let us all do our best, to consume lesser meat...better for our health and for our environment as the natural emissions of ammonia from cattle, pigs, chickens et cetera contribute to a fifth of all death globally!

Do our little part for the younger generation to enjoy a better quality of air!


@22 December 2015. Home-made TangYuan.

Today is 冬至 (Dong Zhi). A time for family to get-together. This year I have decided to make my own tang yuan..have not been doing that for the past two years..

With Vegecolor ^_^

Froze them and we can have them anytime we want :)

glutinous rice ball with vegecolor glutinous rice ball with vegecolor

If you are sharp, you will notice the 3 different colors...

The difference is more obvious after you cook them :) Those in white are 'kosong'. Nothing inside. Plain glutinous balls. The darkest color are the ones with most Vegecolor added. Lighter ones are with less Vegecolor.

Of course for me, the darkest color ones taste the best! haha


@07 November 2015. Sharp Rise in Cancer.

Reference: The Sunday Times dated 31 February 2015. Headline - Sharp Rise in Number diagnosed with Cancer

Let us do our best, through our daily life, little by little, start exercising and opt for a healthier diet...

It may be difficult to change overnight. But through a conscious effort, we can improve. The effort that we put in, is not only for ourself, but for the people that we love and people that love us. They want us to be healthy and to look good. Last but not least, for a healthier Nation - Singapore.

Start by doing body stretching whenever you can, cut down on fried, oil and western fast food. Eat out less often. Opt for more veggies in our meals. The more variety of colors the better! E.Excel definitely have such healthy holistic convenience.

Having a healthy body and mind will make you feel good! Start planning for a healthier 2016! Cheers


@01 October 2015. Vegecolor Recipes!

VegeColor is one of the most versatile E.Excel products!! You can use it in any way in your cookings.

If you have been worrying that your kids are not taking enough vegetables, help is here!

For every sachet of VegeColor, it has 28 different veggies. Most importantly, at an affordable price of about S$1.85 per sachet.

No taste on it's own. So just mix with your cookings! Make your cookings so much more interesting and nutritional!

Part I

Below is the demostration of Vegecolor with Tang Yuan!

green bean tang yuan

1) Mix the tang yuan flour and Vegecolor together.

2) Make it into a dough by slowing adding in water.

3) Make into your preferred ball size.

4) Boil them. The tang yuan are ready once they float up.

5) Serve them with green bean soup. ^_^

Yummy QQ balls! Next time join us in the Date with Health and Beauty to sample all these!

Part II

Vegecolor Plum Drink

plum drink vegecolor

Best to use chilled water. Must try, very refreshing! :D

Again, children now will have a more healthy, tasty drink!


@30 September 2015. HAZE! HAZE!

Haze is affecting our lives in one way or another...this is what I have been doing when I'm home.

1) I would close all the windows, on the air-con or fan. This is even more crucial if you have kids and weak elderly at home. You wouldn't want them to take in all the PM2.5 every second. It is not going to be good for their lungs.

You may feel a little stuffy. So light up your pure essential oil. This will keep your house air fresh. It also lightens up your mood and gives you vitality. BUT please use reliable pure essential oil. Otherwise unpure essential oils may ended up give you more headache, nausea, ill and poisonous effects.


2) Mix a pot of Refresh, refilling and drink like plain water throughout the day. 2 sachets of Refresh to about 1000ml of water. Add in two slices of lemon if you want a 'refreshing' taste :)

refresh refresh 2

Triflora is out of stock :( Else usually I will mix Refresh with Triflora for better effect. Triflora is great for lungs!

Anyway with Refresh, it will prevent sore throat and aids removal of toxins. A sachet barely cost S$0.80. So valued for money isn't it...

3) If you are already coughing away, go with Noco and Encore. Noco eases your cough, preventing inflammation. Encore is great to reduce 'heatiness' ;)

cheers! Keep ourselves healthy! E.Excel has everything that we need.


@14th May 15. Dr Jau Fei Chen's New Book Launch.

A book of over 300 pages with coloured photos, detailing on - how to live a long healthy life, what is Nutritional Immunology, Cancer, Auto-immune diseases, Allergies, Heart diseases, Obesity, Vision, Sleep, Bones, Menopause, Bacteria, Animal-based omega 3 versus Plant-based, functional plant foods etc etc!


A MUST-HAVE book to keep yourself abreast with latest health updates. For Mothers especially. Your knowledge and wisdom determine the health of your ENTIRE family! Ignorance is definitely not a bliss...


@23rd March 15. The demise of MM Lee..

My greatest respect to the Father of our Nation, our Mr Lee Kuan Yew..

lee kuan yee

You have brought us from a Third World Country to a First World Country. To a country that I am proud to say I belong. You have contributed so much.., so much for the benefits of millions of children under you.

There are not many visionaries and great impactful leaders like you. I am proud to say that you are ours!

Your existence has changed our life. Thank you for your sacrifices and your standing tough, despite adversities. May you finally rest in peace and with great pride...


@06th February 2015. Four top US retailers accused of selling bogus supplements.

My first blog in year 2015 :P

Been so busy setting up bigger goals for a fresh new year! Setting up goals and adhering to them can be challenging yet fun, especially at the end of the year, you see yourself progressing and faring better than previous years can be very rewarding!

A good new year start for the U.S Health supplement market too! A fantastic move by the New York state attorney to conduct tests on top-selling store brands of health supplements!

Though aware, the high percentage of bogus supplements sold in reputable retail stores still shock me - 80%..!  That is 4 out of 5 of GNC, Target, Walgreens and Wal-mart products "did not contain any of the herbs on their labels."  Ginseng pills are actually powdered garlic and rice...ginkgo biloba became powdered radish etc.  

It is so true during one of her talks, Dr Chen said a lot of health supplements out there, powdered ginseng are most likely ginseng with flour added as fillers.  Looks like this was an under-statement.  She was just being nice.  In the above case, there isn't even any traces of ginseng = ="

Hmm..you really got to google with the above heading and read the article yourself..

Advice again: Please purchase food products from RELIABLE MANUFACTURERS.  They aren't more expensive. In fact they are more valued for money. Manufacturers that have products certified FOOD SAFETY by relevant health authorities worldwide.  Companies with CASE-TRUST.  This is at least the consumers' basic guarantee and assurance... 

It is also important that the company that distributes the products are the DIRECT Manufacturer.  Only then they are directly accountable for their products and not just hiding behind curtains when things happen.


@24 October 2014. Colorectal Cancer at the age of 26 changed his life.

Singapore news dated 22 October 2014.

According to Research, colorectal cancer has an incubation period of 10 to 20 years. Diagnosed at the age of 26, the tumor, in other words, may has started its growth when he was as young as 6 to 16 years of age!

Education on food nutrition should start young. Diseases do not happen overnight. Understand more on The Science of Nutritional Immunology!

Image result for colorectal cancer

(Image from medifee.com)


@7 October 2014. Singapore, a nation of pill poppers?


I was reading the above article on The Straits Times, dated 29 September 2014.

The article mentioned that people here spent $638 million on vitamins and dietarty supplements last year, an increase of 5% from 2012.

It is good to know that people are getting more health conscious. We are clearly aware that because of our selective taste buds, stressful lifestyle and the lack of quality meals, we need some form of supplements.

However, it is worrying to know that majority of the consumers are popping in health supplements such as vitamin C pills, multi-vitamin pills, glucosame pills and calcium pills etc for prevention. This is despite the fact that there is no evidence stating that vitamin C pills can improve one's immune system or has any form of anti-oxidant properties.

On the contrary, evidence is everywhere to prove that excess consumption of vitamin C pills can cause kidney stones and Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that 'Vitamins Could Shorten Lifespan!'

Some could be baffled now. Why aren't vitamins good?

Take for example Vitamin C. Yes, Vitamin C is good. It has anti-oxidant properties. However, once the Vitamin C is isolated from a wholesome fruit such as an orange and processed into a Vitamin C pill, the pill no longer has anti-oxidant properties. Rather, it has become pro-oxidant! In other words, it oxidises our organs faster!

Likewise for Glucosamine and Chondroitin pills. The Straits Times, dated 18 September 2010, in the prime.news section, loud and clear, indicated "Glucosamine and chondroitin don't work".

One of the interviewees was a orthopaedic surgeon at NUH. He said that glucosamine sulphate "has not been shown to regenerate cartilage in humans". "And studies have shown that taking certain brands (or) preparations is only as good as taking a placebo".

Same for Calcium pills. The Straits Times dated 31 July 2010, in world international segment, "Calcium pills raise heart attack risk by 30%" - They raise blood calcium level and lead to plaque in blood vessels."

It mentioned that when we take calcium supplements, our blood calcium level goes up over the next 4 to 6 hours and right to the peak of the normal range. However this does not happen when we take calcium-rich food as the calcium from food is absorbed very slowly, not affecting our blood calcium level. This is important as high blood calcium level may lead to plaque or fatty deposits forming in our blood vessels. These can lead to heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular related diseases.

Therefore it is very important to understand what we are putting into our mouth. One might think that they are not consuming excess vitamins, but vitamins are now added in most of our consumable products, such as milo, orange juice, bread, soft drinks, biscuits etc. How would we know that we are not consuming in excess?

Yes, our body need vitamins. It needs glucosamine for our cartilage and we need calcium. But only from plant food sources. There is a difference between Vitamin/Mineral supplements and FOOD supplements. How do we choose the correct supplement?

* Vitamin pills may be helpful in special cases, but they are not needed by the average person.


@31 August 2014. My Hair.

I used to think that the only way to have nice, long, silky hair is to visit the hair salon at least twice a month for treatment. Nowadays treatment doesn't come cheap and naturally the longer your hair is, the more you have to pay for it. But that aside, somehow I feel that these days the treatment is no longer as lasting as they used to be 10 years ago. The soft silky feel of the hair is gone after one wash. They say to have treatment that last longer, you need to go for better treatment that uses better chemicals. I have tried those, even then they all do not last more than 1 week.

I have been using E.Excel shampoo and condtioner for more than 6 years. Before that, I was never able to grow my hair pass shoulder length without split ends. And having to wake up in the morning combing while pulling my entangled hair off the comb.

With the E.Excel shampoo and conditioner, gone are those days. Now I no longer need to go to hair salon to ask them trim away my split ends. I remember previously they have to trim as much as 1.5 inch of my hair just to remove the split ends. It was difficult for me to grow long hair then. Hair growth was slow too.

Now, people have been saying my hair grows very fast! Even my hairstylist.

I accredit these to my loyalty with oxyginberry beverage (producing enough collagen to help my hair growth).. I have been taking oxy beverage for more than 5 years. And the E.Excel shampoo.

Recently I brought E.Excel Hair Dye (Deep Brown) and the Intensive Revival Hair Masque to my hairstylist to help me do color and mask. She includes a steam for me on the mask. All in all I paid for S$80. Definitely worth it consider my length of hair and safe color dye :) My hair just felt like having done a rebond after the steam - fantastic!

If you are still looking for a good shampoo and have been changing from brand A to brand B and C. Give E.Excel Shampoos a try :) You will definitely like it! A bottle for $58.85 and can last you quite long ;)


@14 August 2014. Multitasking?? Think twice...

An article dated 12 August 2014 - Is your mind like a sieve? Blame multitasking, say NUS scientists.

Scientists from National University of Singapore found that multitasking may impair the formation of long-term memories, and of which may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease...! It explains that the capacity to form memory will be compromise if too many tasks are competing for 'memory proteins' in the brain...

...no wonder...no wonder I tend to forget things that I do easily..


@ 25 April 2014. LIVE with Dr Chen 2014 Chapter 2 - Sharks' Fins and Birds' Nest.

Hi, I believe many of you, like myself, have enjoyed the recent LIVE with Dr Chen Chapter 2 held at Orchard Hotel on 13April!

The 2 hours of sharing have brought laughter to the audience and covered many aspects of health. Indeed...good health requires wisdom and knowledge. It is so worth-while to pay just S$15 for her years of research and wisdom! What's more, we were each given a bottle of Gart worth more than S$30!

There were 2 interesting Chinese delicacies that she covered in this session - Sharks' fins and Birds' nest. Most Chinese love these delicacies. But just how beneficial these food are for us? 

1. Sharks' fins.

Unknown to many, the fins of the sharks are high in Mercury!

Over the decades, oceans are contaminated with industrial pollutants (the release of heavy metals), oil spills, routine ship maintenance, waste disposal from increasing cruise ships (medical waste, detergents, heavy metals, pathogens) etc. These have caused the oceans to be accumulated with toxins, one of which is Mercury.

Mercury causes our red blood cells to cluster together and travel in clumps instead of singly. This increases the risk of blockage to our arteries and give rise to heart diseases.

Fish, like human beings, expel toxics through their skin. That is the reason the fish skin and fins are higher in contamination.

An example was quoted by Dr Jau-Fei Chen: How does one find out whether a person has been abusing drugs? Simply from their hair and/or nails. The toxics accumulate in these areas.

2. Birds' nest.

We all know that birds' nest are the spits of Sparrows. The spits are accumulated over months and months. Sticky, porous and sitting in the open, they are exposed to environmental hazards (as well as pests like cockcroaches, flies etc) and are high in nitrates(cancer-causing).

Some heavy metals in them get oxidised and turn to dark reddish-brown colour. These dark colored birds' nest become what suppliers call them - "blood nests" (direct translation from chinese 血燕), suggesting that they are the vomitted blood of the sparrows and claiming more nutritious. Selling the oxidised heavy metals as premium bird nests!

Some manufacturers go a step further by dyeing the entire birds' nests to dark reddish-brown colour. (I have personally verified this with a Indonesian friend whose family produce bird nests)

To ensure birds' nests are packed to the same shapes and sizes, fungus and jelly are added and mould together. Majority are also bleached.

According to Research, the only beneficiary thing about birds' nest is their high amount of amino acids.

But soybean has the equivalent amount of amino acids and at a more affordable price...not to mention more hygenic.

For the price of birds' nest or sharks' fins, Millennium is way much worth it... ;)


@ 8 April 2014. Alert Warning by HSA on "Herbal Health Jointcare".

Yet another case of supplement cheat....Indicated on the box STERIOD-FREE and with natural ingredients, yet found to contain STERIODS and undeclared western medications.

tainted supplement


@29 March 2014. Live Cell Therapy?

Wondering what is Live Cell Therapy? Using Live Cells (including those of animals such as sheep or cows) to treat cancer, heart disease and degenerative diseases? To improve vitality and stamina etc?

This article may interest you...

"...even supporters of cell therapy admit they do not know how cell therapy works in the body. No reliable evidence has been published in medical journals to support the claims of cell therapy"

"Cell therapy may be dangerous and several patient deaths linked to the therapy have been reported in the medical literature. Patients can contract bacterial and viral infections carried by animal cells, and some have had life-threatening and even fatal allergic reactions. Other reports list complications such as brain swelling or the immune system attacking blood vessels or nerves following cellular treatment.." ---extracts from American Cancer Society website


@28 October 2013. Health Promotion Board Presents...Recipe.

Commissioned by the Health Promotion Board and shot by acclaimed local director Eric Khoo - the film brings out the real and poignant social issues related to dementia.


We are living in a greying society. Do watch this short 45 mintues video to understand what some of the dementia patients as well as the caregivers are going through..click here to watch.


@1 September2013. Juicing May Cause Diabetes.


Similar to what Dr Chen has been advocating...one should take wholesome plant foods, example with the skin (if edible), instead of juicing.

By juicing, one is removing the skin and fiber from the fruits and veggies. What left is the concentrated amount of juice that are high in frutose without the fiber. This will actually increase the risk of diabetes as we need the fiber to balance our blood sugar level.

The Straits Times article dated 31 August 2013, Pick fruit over juice 'to lower diabetes rate'.

....Those who consumed one or more servings of fruit juice each day saw their risk of diesease increase by up to 21 per cent." - Research involving British, US and Singapore Researchers over a quarter of a century.



Headline on The Straits Times. Hip fracture linked to higher mortality risk, dated 15 August 2013.

"Hip fracture patients were also more likely to die from cancer and coronary heart disease."

"Studies have shown that 1 in every 5 people with osteoporotic hip fracture died within a year." - Health Promotion Board

Prevention starts early. Most people drink milk to prevent osteoporosis, not knowing thatdrinking milk actually increases the risk of osteoporosis. Advertisment can be misleading. One needs to get the facts right.

Diets rich in animal protein will cause calcium to be lost through urine; causing calcium deficiency. As cow's milk is high in protein, increasing your intake of cow's milk will not replensih calcium.

The best source of calcium is from soybeans, broccoli, pearl etc.

Weight for weight, soybeans has twice the protein of meat, 4 times that of eggs and 12 times that of milk! Moreover, soybean is also low in fat and high in fiber. Broccoli has high-quality calcium that is easily absorbed by the body too. Check out <Nutrifresh>.

Pearl’s high calcium content makes it an ideal supplement for good health. 88-99% of pearl is calcium carbonate. It is great in stimulating our bone marrow cells and new bone formation. Product name is <Aromantic>.


@10July2013. Consuming Animal Placenta.

A new wave...Sheep placenta, horse placenta and now deer placenta...  Claim to cure cancer, diabetes, to look young, have younger skin etc.

What is your take?

Take a look at the following images. This is the placenta belonging to that of a sheep (raw and frozen, awaiting for processing).

sheep sheep frozen placenta

Do you really want to consume them?

Animal placentas. They contain animal hormones. Animal hormones are found to be one of the causes for cancer. 

Futhermore, the animals may be infected with bacteria or viruses which may cause ill effects on humans when consumed!

Regardless the claims that they have checked through the animals for any bacterial and viral infection. The list of KNOWN existing bacteria and viruses is long. How many types of bacteria and viruses can one check? What about the UNKNOWN bacteria and viruses? We know that bacteria and viruses mutate very fast. Is one able to come up with up-to-date tests?

But sad to say.....majorities of the consumers seem to be the elderly. They could be our parents...afterall, who wouldn't want to look young? But remember, effective does not equate to safe.

What is worse? They make people believe that the products are approved by Singapore Health Science Authority! The companies actually have the audacity to put HSA logo on their brochures and even on the product boxes! Misleading the elderly that products are approved by Singapore Health Authority!




Dear all, NEVER EVER be misled by such logo you see on Health Supplement brochures or on Health supplement product boxes. Singapore Health Science Authority does not issue license for this class of products.

unauthorized use of hsa logo

The above is a webpage. I have shaded off the company name. This company sells deer placenta. The product name starts with 'L'.

Company 'illegally' uses HSA logo to mislead people. What then do you think of their credibility and their products?

A letter was written to relevant authorities for action to be taken. Hope prompt action will be taken and consumers will not be further misled! Especially the elderly...


@28April 2013. Myopia, Cataract.

With iPads and tablets as popular gadgets among kids, Myopia or short-shortsightedness are getting more common among young kids nowadays.

Preference of spending time at home with computer games than outdoor activities also increase the risk of myopia.  The intensity of outdoor light can stimulate the retina to release dopamine.  Dopamine can actually help to prevent our eyes from growing long like myopic eyes.

Similarly for adults....most of the time are spent on computers and smartphones.  All these are draining and taxing for the eyes.  How can we better protect our vision?

Plant foods that are beneficial for our vision are Cassia seeds, chia seed, blueberry, carrot, chinese wolfberry, grape seed, broccoli, brussels sprouts, yellow pepper.  

For your convenience, these ingredients can all be found in <E-View>. 


@14April 2013Dementia - Alzheimer's Disease.

Dr Chen shared on Alzheimer's disease in one of her LIVE with Dr Chen's Health Talks. Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60-80% of Dementia.

Dementia, a degenerative brain disease is on the rise. The figure is alarming enough for this problem to be deemed as urgent. Television is running clips on Dementia. Papers have experts sharing their views on it and offering different ways to handle Dementia and recognising the symptoms.

In an article on The Straits Times dated 11 April 2017, it is projected that about 28,000 Singaporeans aged 60 and over suffers from dementia; and this figure is set to grow to 80,000 by 2030. Something that we should all be prepared for.

To have an idea of how sorrowful dementia can cause, the late Lady Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister of UK from 1979 to 1990) who had afflicted with dementia, had to go through the news and agony on the demise of her late husband, repeatedly..

margaret thatcher

It was said by her daughter that late Lady Margaret Thatcher had repeatedly asked where the husband was, and had to be told repeatedly that he had died. Each time she absorbed the news, she had to refresh her loss and grief. She will look at her daughter sadly and asked 'were we all there'.


@21Feb2013. Animals killed by plastics.

Think green.

Please do not throw anything into the sea. The consequence is this...



@6 Dec 2012. LUL - Light Urinary Leakage.

Extracted from The Straits Times December 6, 2012

"Light Urinary Leakage (LUL) is more common than you think. 1 in 4 adult women in Singapore are affected by LUL.
Many cases of LUL begin with pregnancy...."

It was said that for some, the problem could be as minor as just occasional dribble. For others, it could be wetting the clothes..

I have customers with their condition improved with <Refresh>. Take 2 to 3 packets daily with half cup of water.


@10 Mar 2011. Prevent that virus spread.

Errgh.....i think everyone will need to carry <Handygel> with them!  

Flu and NDM-1 CAN be transmitted through contact, e.g. touching a bacteria-laden doorknob or by touching one's mouth, nose or eyes after touching something with the flu virus on it.

Just heard from a girl friend that she was just discharged from hospital for pneumonia. 

Hearing with my own ears, then did i realise how serious pneumonia can be....  Her potassium level went so low that her heart beat became rapid.  For that, she was on a drip.  Her blood sugar level also hits low and was on another drip for that.  On top of that she had drip for antibotics.  So you can imagine how many needles were on her hands.  She felt she was dying!  Her face was all pale and bluish.

But lucky for her, she did not have fluid retention in her lungs and yes, she managed to get out of hospital within 4 days.  (all thanks to millennium!)

She is in her thirties.  A childcare teacher for speech and drama.  Her doctor told her she may have gotten the infection from urine bacteria as the children in the school may not have cleanse their hands properly.  And through human contact, the bugs got into her body.

So you see, bugs are everywhere!  Personal hygience is important!  Sanitize your hand every now and then and take the right food to increase your immunity.



gosh, i have people telling me the graphic looks like minced meat!?!!

colon polyps

Whatever it looks like, colon cancer can be easily prevented by taking lots of fibre (meat doesn't contain fibre!). 

Majority of the people are not taking enough fibre... :(  instead, we took in alot of fried, calories and fats.

Most of the fruits in the market are also harvested when they are still green on the trees!  This is to ensure that they can make their way through long transportation. However fruits that are harvested before they are ripe are likely not to have high nutrients as compared to if they are harvested when they are ripe on the trees. 

In E.Excel, they grow their own crops.  The researchers studied into the various plants food on the best time to harvest.  After harvest at the peak nutrient level, they freeze-dried the food.  This allows the maximum nutrients to be maintained. 

High fiber products in E.Excel are <Evernew Orange> and <1-Shape>/<1-Shape lite>. Little action of prevention taken daily will help us to prevent big problems down the road.

Bad digestion?  Acid reflux?  Consistent burping?  Go with <Digeston>.


@7 oct 2010. Fluoride.

Go for toothpaste that is free of triclosan, fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate. They are carcinogens.

Bright & White Toothpaste enables all in the family to enjoy good dental health with a safer anti-bacterial active ingredient. 

Cheers to another new product launch for a healtier us!  This toothpaste can also double-up as a mouthwash!

You have mouth ulcer? Put the paste on the wound after you have brushed your teeth. Do it a couple of time, especially before you go to bed. It will heal in no time.


@27sep2010. HFMD CASE.

Cases of HFMD - Hand Food Mouth Disease are on the rise again..

One of my girlfriends' son caught the disease while in the childcare centre.  Lucky she was quick to notice the blisters on his son hands and palms.  The childcare centre then had 3 existing cases of HFMD! 

My girlfriend's son is only 4mths old.  Soon he developed mild fever and was brought to a doctor.  There were also ulcers at his throat area.  The child refused milk and water.  (most probably it was painful to swallow.)

After checking with me, she quickly gave him doses of Millennium through a syringe (as the child refused to take in any form of liquid), throughout the day and night.  i was glad to hear from her the following day that her baby's fever has subsided and the blisters at his hands and palms had subsided too!  That was fast indeed :) Millennium again has proven itself B-) 

Some other blisters started to appear at the baby's buttocks. 

My friend applied Handygel on it.  It can be a little painful on broken skin...the baby cried.  But the blisters did indeed subside substantially.  A few hours later, this time round she applied Millennium instead of Handygel.  This time round her baby didn't cry.  And again, the blisters subsided significantly.

Called her the following day.  she has went to work already :)


@ 11 sep 2010. Obessed with the right thing?

Are you obessed with the right things? - This is the new tag line by Breast Cancer Foundation.

i fully agree with this message.  People tend to invest more on their dresses, hairdos, branded bags and external needs rather than on their health.  Of course i am not trying to say outlooks are not important.  But in comparison, health should definitely be the priority. 

Without health, does anything else really matter?  No matter how nice the clothes or hairdos have, without health, one will not be able to carry it out well.  No matter how much $$ we have in our bank, without health, the $$ seem meaningless.  Without health, not only we will suffer, our family will suffer with us.  On the contrary, with a good health, even a normal tee shirt will look good on a healthy, glowing person. 

Our health needs our care and investment. Ignore it, one will have to face the consequence later.