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gosh, i have people telling me the graphic looks like minced meat!?!!

colon polyps

Whatever it looks like, colon cancer can be easily prevented by taking lots of fibre (meat doesn't contain fibre!). 

Majority of the people are not taking enough fibre... :(  instead, we took in alot of fried, calories and fats.

Most of the fruits in the market are also harvested when they are still green on the trees!  This is to ensure that they can make their way through long transportation. However fruits that are harvested before they are ripe are likely not to have high nutrients as compared to if they are harvested when they are ripe on the trees. 

In E.Excel, they grow their own crops.  The researchers studied into the various plants food on the best time to harvest.  After harvest at the peak nutrient level, they freeze-dried the food.  This allows the maximum nutrients to be maintained. 

High fiber products in E.Excel are <Evernew Orange> and <1-Shape>/<1-Shape lite>. Little action of prevention taken daily will help us to prevent big problems down the road.

Bad digestion?  Acid reflux?  Consistent burping?  Go with <Digeston>.


@7 oct 2010. Fluoride.

Go for toothpaste that is free of triclosan, fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate. They are carcinogens.

Bright & White Toothpaste enables all in the family to enjoy good dental health with a safer anti-bacterial active ingredient. 

Cheers to another new product launch for a healtier us!  This toothpaste can also double-up as a mouthwash!

You have mouth ulcer? Put the paste on the wound after you have brushed your teeth. Do it a couple of time, especially before you go to bed. It will heal in no time.


@27sep2010. HFMD CASE.

Cases of HFMD - Hand Food Mouth Disease are on the rise again..

One of my girlfriends' son caught the disease while in the childcare centre.  Lucky she was quick to notice the blisters on his son hands and palms.  The childcare centre then had 3 existing cases of HFMD! 

My girlfriend's son is only 4mths old.  Soon he developed mild fever and was brought to a doctor.  There were also ulcers at his throat area.  The child refused milk and water.  (most probably it was painful to swallow.)

After checking with me, she quickly gave him doses of Millennium through a syringe (as the child refused to take in any form of liquid), throughout the day and night.  i was glad to hear from her the following day that her baby's fever has subsided and the blisters at his hands and palms had subsided too!  That was fast indeed :) Millennium again has proven itself B-) 

Some other blisters started to appear at the baby's buttocks. 

My friend applied Handygel on it.  It can be a little painful on broken skin...the baby cried.  But the blisters did indeed subside substantially.  A few hours later, this time round she applied Millennium instead of Handygel.  This time round her baby didn't cry.  And again, the blisters subsided significantly.

Called her the following day.  she has went to work already :)


@ 11 sep 2010. Obessed with the right thing?

Are you obessed with the right things? - This is the new tag line by Breast Cancer Foundation.

i fully agree with this message.  People tend to invest more on their dresses, hairdos, branded bags and external needs rather than on their health.  Of course i am not trying to say outlooks are not important.  But in comparison, health should definitely be the priority. 

Without health, does anything else really matter?  No matter how nice the clothes or hairdos have, without health, one will not be able to carry it out well.  No matter how much $$ we have in our bank, without health, the $$ seem meaningless.  Without health, not only we will suffer, our family will suffer with us.  On the contrary, with a good health, even a normal tee shirt will look good on a healthy, glowing person. 

Our health needs our care and investment. Ignore it, one will have to face the consequence later.