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@22 December 2015. Home-made TangYuan.

Today is 冬至 (Dong Zhi). A time for family to get-together. This year I have decided to make my own tang yuan..have not been doing that for the past two years..

With Vegecolor ^_^

Froze them and we can have them anytime we want :)

glutinous rice ball with vegecolor glutinous rice ball with vegecolor

If you are sharp, you will notice the 3 different colors...

The difference is more obvious after you cook them :) Those in white are 'kosong'. Nothing inside. Plain glutinous balls. The darkest color are the ones with most Vegecolor added. Lighter ones are with less Vegecolor.

Of course for me, the darkest color ones taste the best! haha


@07 November 2015. Sharp Rise in Cancer.

Reference: The Sunday Times dated 31 February 2015. Headline - Sharp Rise in Number diagnosed with Cancer

Let us do our best, through our daily life, little by little, start exercising and opt for a healthier diet...

It may be difficult to change overnight. But through a conscious effort, we can improve. The effort that we put in, is not only for ourself, but for the people that we love and people that love us. They want us to be healthy and to look good. Last but not least, for a healthier Nation - Singapore.

Start by doing body stretching whenever you can, cut down on fried, oil and western fast food. Eat out less often. Opt for more veggies in our meals. The more variety of colors the better! E.Excel definitely have such healthy holistic convenience.

Having a healthy body and mind will make you feel good! Start planning for a healthier 2016! Cheers


@01 October 2015. Vegecolor Recipes!

VegeColor is one of the most versatile E.Excel products!! You can use it in any way in your cookings.

If you have been worrying that your kids are not taking enough vegetables, help is here!

For every sachet of VegeColor, it has 28 different veggies. Most importantly, at an affordable price of about S$1.85 per sachet.

No taste on it's own. So just mix with your cookings! Make your cookings so much more interesting and nutritional!

Part I

Below is the demostration of Vegecolor with Tang Yuan!

green bean tang yuan

1) Mix the tang yuan flour and Vegecolor together.

2) Make it into a dough by slowing adding in water.

3) Make into your preferred ball size.

4) Boil them. The tang yuan are ready once they float up.

5) Serve them with green bean soup. ^_^

Yummy QQ balls! Next time join us in the Date with Health and Beauty to sample all these!

Part II

Vegecolor Plum Drink

plum drink vegecolor

Best to use chilled water. Must try, very refreshing! :D

Again, children now will have a more healthy, tasty drink!


@30 September 2015. HAZE! HAZE!

Haze is affecting our lives in one way or another...this is what I have been doing when I'm home.

1) I would close all the windows, on the air-con or fan. This is even more crucial if you have kids and weak elderly at home. You wouldn't want them to take in all the PM2.5 every second. It is not going to be good for their lungs.

You may feel a little stuffy. So light up your pure essential oil. This will keep your house air fresh. It also lightens up your mood and gives you vitality. BUT please use reliable pure essential oil. Otherwise unpure essential oils may ended up give you more headache, nausea, ill and poisonous effects.


2) Mix a pot of Refresh, refilling and drink like plain water throughout the day. 2 sachets of Refresh to about 1000ml of water. Add in two slices of lemon if you want a 'refreshing' taste :)

refresh refresh 2

Triflora is out of stock :( Else usually I will mix Refresh with Triflora for better effect. Triflora is great for lungs!

Anyway with Refresh, it will prevent sore throat and aids removal of toxins. A sachet barely cost S$0.80. So valued for money isn't it...

3) If you are already coughing away, go with Noco and Encore. Noco eases your cough, preventing inflammation. Encore is great to reduce 'heatiness' ;)

cheers! Keep ourselves healthy! E.Excel has everything that we need.


@ 21 August 2015. Dr Lim Goh Tong - Founder of Genting Highlands.

lim goh tong

Just completed reading this book and this is the second time that I have read...

The first time was in year 2007 (8 years ago!), when Dr Lim Goh Tong just passed on.

I remembered asking a friend to help me get the book as he was going to Genting Highlands Casinos. They didn't have it in Singapore.

I asked him in Chinese over the phone, 
'你可以帮我买 Lim Goh Tong 的书吗?'
He replied in a jest, '我去赌你叫我买输?' 
I was like..OOPS!! hahahha
Of course he was half joking and he did get for me after his gamble.

What prompted me to read Dr Lim Goh Tong's Story?

A person that has already achieved much in his life, decided to build Genting Highlands at the age of 50, when he could simply enjoy a carefree retirement.

Turning an unexplored hilltop (Genting Sempah - 5,710 feet) into a world's tourist resort that was deemed impossible. No one had heard of Genting and it was not even found on ordinary maps then. What drove him to make this decision?

I was curious.

To build 20km access road from foothill. To run water supply up the hill, electricity and bulldozing down the jungle..The project pulled down his finances and he was at near bankruptcy and also almost lost his life. He could not find any shareholders to support this project as many deemed him insane.

His modest dream of 38-room hotel, has now become what we see..5 hotels of more than 6000 rooms and still building...

What pushed him? The best is read the book yourself :P

He said,'The notion of retirement has never ever crossed my mind. Even now, when I am well into my 80s, I still work as usual. To me, any time is an opportune time to embark on a business venture, especially one that has little appeal to others.'

Life lessons:

Dr Lim did not have what it takes for a successful person from the start. He was deemed as shy, timid and lack of confidence.

'As I reflected on the past and pondered my future, it suddenly dawned on me that to make headway in life, I needed a personality makeover. I could no longer coop up in my own cocoon wallowing in pessimism and self-pity. I had to perk up for a good struggle. I told myself that this time round, I would acheive something that would do my mother and family proud.'...

'I would banish my shyness and inferiority complex and reach out for a better tomorrow.'....

'To prove to myself that I was earnest about my personality makeover, I plucked up courage to go forward to strike up a conversation with them.'.......'It was amazing how easily a smile and a little effort could break the ice between strangers.'..

'All I needed to do was to take the initiative in reaching out to others warmly and sincerely. It also made me realize that an idea, no matter how small, would remain useless unless it was put into action.'.

'Nothing comes by without striving. In building up a career or a business, one has to put in a lot of effort before one can see the result.


@25 July 2015. Highly trained, middle-aged out of work.

The article is from The Straits Times dated 20 July 2015.

Think hard, is your job indispensable?

Are you able to predict where you will be with your current job 3 to 5 years down the road?

AGE will forever be a discriminating factor for employment, whether we like it or not. If you are not convinced, it could be because you are not there yet.

Some may defend by saying older people are more experienced and employers should pay for the experience. True. But it is also true that employers may find it tougher to have the older employees accepting new ideas, take up new challenges and come up with new ideas. In a highly competitive market, employers would want new ideas and highly motivated personnels.

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Various businesses have obsoleted. Digital images have replaced films. Gone are the days when people would hurry down to develop photos after their holidays. VCRs, casette tapes are no longer in production. Handphone cameras are replacing digital cameras. Similarly, some job may never be replaced.

For survival, we need to change. Even animals migrate for survival.

We have to agree that comfort zone, no matter how comfortable, is no longer a safe zone.

I am glad that 10 years ago, I made the change and embrace E.Excel Career. Working with a world renowned partner in the arena (Dr Jau-Fei Chen) and a world recognised Science (Nutritional Immunology) definitely do make a huge difference!


@14th May 15. Dr Jau Fei Chen's New Book Launch.

A book of over 300 pages with coloured photos, detailing on - how to live a long healthy life, what is Nutritional Immunology, Cancer, Auto-immune diseases, Allergies, Heart diseases, Obesity, Vision, Sleep, Bones, Menopause, Bacteria, Animal-based omega 3 versus Plant-based, functional plant foods etc etc!


A MUST-HAVE book to keep yourself abreast with latest health updates. For Mothers especially. Your knowledge and wisdom determine the health of your ENTIRE family! Ignorance is definitely not a bliss...


@23rd March 15. The demise of MM Lee..

My greatest respect to the Father of our Nation, our Mr Lee Kuan Yew..

lee kuan yee

You have brought us from a Third World Country to a First World Country. To a country that I am proud to say I belong. You have contributed so much.., so much for the benefits of millions of children under you.

There are not many visionaries and great impactful leaders like you. I am proud to say that you are ours!

Your existence has changed our life. Thank you for your sacrifices and your standing tough, despite adversities. May you finally rest in peace and with great pride...


@06th February 2015. Four top US retailers accused of selling bogus supplements.

My first blog in year 2015 :P

Been so busy setting up bigger goals for a fresh new year! Setting up goals and adhering to them can be challenging yet fun, especially at the end of the year, you see yourself progressing and faring better than previous years can be very rewarding!

A good new year start for the U.S Health supplement market too! A fantastic move by the New York state attorney to conduct tests on top-selling store brands of health supplements!

Though aware, the high percentage of bogus supplements sold in reputable retail stores still shock me - 80%..!  That is 4 out of 5 of GNC, Target, Walgreens and Wal-mart products "did not contain any of the herbs on their labels."  Ginseng pills are actually powdered garlic and rice...ginkgo biloba became powdered radish etc.  

It is so true during one of her talks, Dr Chen said a lot of health supplements out there, powdered ginseng are most likely ginseng with flour added as fillers.  Looks like this was an under-statement.  She was just being nice.  In the above case, there isn't even any traces of ginseng = ="

Hmm..you really got to google with the above heading and read the article yourself..

Advice again: Please purchase food products from RELIABLE MANUFACTURERS.  They aren't more expensive. In fact they are more valued for money. Manufacturers that have products certified FOOD SAFETY by relevant health authorities worldwide.  Companies with CASE-TRUST.  This is at least the consumers' basic guarantee and assurance... 

It is also important that the company that distributes the products are the DIRECT Manufacturer.  Only then they are directly accountable for their products and not just hiding behind curtains when things happen.