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25 December 2017 Merry Christmas - Great to know you..


8 December 2017. Homeparty before the year ends...

Before the year comes to a close, we organised a homeparty for our group last evening, providing new health updates as well as products sharing. Some of us prepared Encore agar agar, Vegetarian Vegecolor Tuna sandwiches and Encore Evernew Orange Fruit Salad as refreshments. Hot Aromantic mixed with milo was served as well. Guests had the chance to sample the various types of E.Excel and eLead beverages. A fun and relaxed get-together session! Cheers!!

eexcel food

e excel food receipes

beautiful fresh evernew orange fruits ice-cream creation..




@ 18 October 2017. My saviour for hot weather...

This, really cools me down immediately from the hot weather! Thus my saviour...after applying, I feel like I am the polar bear lol Can easily prevent any heat rash as well. Great product!

e excel peppermint lotion


@ 17 October 2017. 'Don't Eat the Placenta' Doctors Warn New Parents

Eating your own placenta after giving birth? Don't even think about what Dr Jau-Fei Chen had mentioned before, our placenta is filled with various types of bacteria and viruses..why do you want to eat them?

Read the recent reviews on placentophagy:

do not eat placenta

Click on the image for the full article.


@ 16 October 2017. Lessons from a third-grade dropout

rick rigsby

Click to watch

A video that can hit us real deep...great life lessons.

One of which..."When you hit the rock-bottom, remember that while you are struggling, rock-bottom can also be the foundation on which to build, to grow...."


@ 2 October 2017. Triflora as fertilizer

Do not discard your Triflora after your use! It will be such a good fertilizer for your plants!

triflora triflora open

Look at how lively my indoor plant is ^_^ Like 'dancing' leaves!




@ 29 September 2017. Blue substance on vegetables is undissolved fungicide

Some vegetables from NTUC FairPrice are found to have some residual remnants of undissoved fungicide. They have promptly been removed after some consumers shared the affected vegetables online. The affected vegetables have been sent to AVA for investigations.

undissolved fungicide

Always use Vegiwash for your fruits and veggies. It can remove wax and 99.99% of pesticides and herbicides.


@ 28 September 2017. Hubby testimonial - Amazing Rosytime...

Our house has a tempered glass sliding door that partitions our living room and kitchen. Most of the time the glass door is open. Yesterday on the 27th, my hubby closed it after bathing the dog to keep him dry at the kitchen. He then went to the study room to do his work. Halfway into doing his work, he forgot that the door was closed and ran to the kitchen to collect water from the washing machine (for toilet wash) and "bang"!

Yes he slammed head-on into the glass door! Fortunately not much impact on his forehead, but a very bad one on his toe... The brunt force caused blood to spurt out from the toe. There was profuse bleeding from the plate of the nail. He quickly applied Handygel to sanitize the wound (of course the sheer pain almost shot him to the roof) followed by a thick layer of Gwei Hua balm.

This picture was not taken immediately after the impact. (Didn't think of it then..)

Photo was taken half a day later in the evening - after 40ml of Rosytime every 45mins. 2hrs from the point of injury.

The swell was reduced significantly from the sides of the toe. The amazing part is such a fast recovery within the day itself... Before Rosytime, he was still writhing in pain from the internal injury of the toe. Just a few hours after Rosytime, the pressure eased tremendously and he could walk normally. Geez...

toe injury

The photo below is taken the next day. Can see the redness surrounding the nail has gone down a fair bit again. Rosytime....amazing indeed....



@ 24 September 2017. Keep muscles strong as you age.

With reference to the recent article published on The Straits Times, Mind & Body, Keep muscles strong as you age, dated 19 September 2017.

It was mentioned that people will start losing their muscles once they hit 40s. This could lead to one having less strength and feeling more tired easily.

Skeletal muscles which are attached to the bones are most likely to be weakened.

musculoskeletal system

Though the loss of muscle is normal alongside with aging, it can be more serious in people who do not exercise or eat a balanced diet. "A lot of attention has been paid to bone health, but muscles are equally important if we want our seniors to stay strong and independent as they age." - Dr Carol Tan, a geriatrician from The Good Life Co-operative at Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Exercise and consume the right nutrition for your bone and muscle health. This is where the purpose of <Art> is. For musculosketal system.


@ 22 September 2017. Dr EE Time!

dr ee

Knowledge is important. This is what we always emphasise.

This is also the reason the world's renowned Nutritional Immunologist, Dr Jau-Fei Chen and her eldest daughter, Dr EE, a medical doctor, relentlessly travel around the world to share the preventive science of Nutritional Immunology.

Everyone deserves to know the science on how to prevent chronic diseases which are on the rise.

Yesterday was again an eventful and rich sharing by Dr EE. If you have missed that session, do join us for the next one on October 14, 2017 by Dr Chen.

Just call or whatsapp us for more information
+65 9271 4182 jace
+65 9684 0122 ai


@ 13 September 2017. Dr Chen Interview by Taiwan UFO Radio Station

Dr Jau Fei Chen, E.Excel and eLead International Founder, was recently interviewed by the Taiwan Station UFO Radio Station. In the interview broadcasted on 4 Sep 2017, Dr Chen discussed health-related topics with reference to her latest book <Nutrition.Immunity.Longevity>

dr chen latest book

Click on the following links to listen to the educational audios (in Mandarin). It is divided into 4 chapters, each around 13mins. Thumbs up for the enriching information. Afterall, what is more important than having a good health?

UFO Radio Interview <Nutrition.Immunity.Longevity> Part 1

UFO Radio Interview <Nutrition.Immunity.Longevity> Part 2

UFO Radio Interview <Nutrition.Immunity.Longevity> Part 3

UFO Radio Interview <Nutrition.Immunity.Longevity> Part 4


@ 12 September 2017. Freeze drying technique is the best method to retain food freshness and wholesomeness.

Freeze-drying technique is used in Nutritional Immunology Products to maintain the wholesome fresh harvest. Thereafter they are made to powder and sterile-packed. With no water content and being sterile-packed, no preservatives are required. Shelf life of the products are two years.

freeze dried ingredientsfreeze drying details


@ 9 September 2017. Did you have your fiber today?

Colorectal cancer is the most common form of cancer in Singapore. It is the No. 1 cancer for Men and No.2 cancer for Women.

However it is also one of the most easily preventable cancers. Does your diet contain sufficient dietary fiber? Meat contains no fiber and fruit juicing strips out the fiber as well.

If your diet does not contain adequate fiber and you are simply too busy to consume fruits and vegetables that are high in dietary fiber, here is something for you - Fibertalk!

Fibertalk contains both soluble and insoluble fiber that will not only sweep away the garbage from your intestinal tract, but also form a lining in your intestinal tract to prevent your body from absorbing excess cholesterol, sugar, fats and calories!

Yes, sufficient fiber intake can prevent hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and aids slimming! Let the fiber does the talking! Fibertalk


@08 September 2017. What about the majority of the vitamin supplements in the market?

Check this video out. A straight to the point video!

How to identify if your supplement that you have bought are synthetic or natural whole food? Click here.


@04 August 2017. Network Marketing.

Embrace the network marketing way of marketing a product or a service!

Some examples that you may have seen:

Shopback - Earn $69 for EVERY 3 friends referred!

Uber - Boost your earnings by introducing friends & family to drive on Uber. Big referral rewards of up to $1,000 with every invite you make, valid until Aug 6!

vCashCard - Start earning up to $75 in your new vCashCard account simply by sharing with your friends and family.

Gone may be the era of commercial and paper advertisments where one advertise their products or services. These days people go for reviews from people that have used the products. They make purchase through word-of-mouth and users' review.

For products that are still promoting via media advertisments, engaging famous media artistes and occupying expensive retail counters at shopping malls, consumers have to think about the actual value of the product. Think about the cost of TV advertisment for just 10 seconds. The cost of advertising on newspaper for a small little segment. How much then the product actually worth?


@03 August 2017. Gwei Hua Balm on Piles/Hemorrhoids...

Do you know that the Gwei Hua balm is super effective for external piles? :>


Use a cotton bud, apply a thick layer of the balm on the pile. Do so at least twice a day after bathe. Experience the immediate soothing effect and healing results the next day!

Of course to prevent this from happening, boost up your intake of fiber!


@08 July 2017. Body Lotion.

Loving Elemente 😍! Once you lay your hands on Elemente brand, you will hate to let it go...

Enjoy the smoothess of your skin when you spray the Elemente Fragrant Indulgences Body Lotion onto your skin. It has whitening effect as well, ensuring your dry and burnt out skin gets the necessary hydration and protection...