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Nutritional Immunology is a preventive science that has been around for more than a decade.

In the 80s when people believed so much into the discovery of vitamin pills such as vitamin C, vitamin E and multi-vitamins supplements, Nutritional Immunology advocates that wholesome food is better than extracted vitamins; extracted vitamins have side effects.

Nutritional Immunology studies in depth the relationship between Nutrition and our Immune System.  The form of Nutrition that our body require on a daily basis so that we can prevent most form of chronic diseases. It explores how consumption of wholesome plant foods contributes to a strong immune system. By nourishing our immune system with a variety of wholesome plant foods beneficial to health, we receive life's most precious reward - good health!

Nutritional Immunology gives a very good foundation and clear indication on the correct food one needs.  It also explains how our immune system functions. 

Nutritional Immunology is not a theory, a fashion item, nor an emerging trend.  It is the knowledge necessary for us to live well.

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