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Nutritional Immunology is currently offered as a major at some of the universities in the U.S.

The Science is founded by Immunologist Dr Jau-Fei Chen. During the time when Nutritionists may not know anything about our Immune System and Immunologists may not learn about Nutrition, she links both the Sciences together and founded Nutritional Immunology. She is passionate on her research and won several accolades worldwide.

Examples of such are Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations’ Outstanding Overseas Youth Award; Outstanding Woman of the Year by the Chinese Women’s Association of AmericaMarch 8, 1996 was declared to be Jau-Fei Chen Day in the state of California; Ten Outstanding Young Americans and many more.

Other than her Reference Book used in the U.S universities titled <Plant Foods and Nutritional Immunology: A Scientifc Approach>, she has written several other books such as <Nutritional Immunology and Longevity> and <Cancer and Nutritional Immunology>.  Her latest book <Nutrition. Immunology. Longevity> can be found at various Singapore bookstores.

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