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Dr Chen is also a philanthropist where she supports World Vision, Mercy Relief, The Cancer Society, setting up more than 300 care centers in Taiwan and many more.

She actively contributes to research funds for Research Institutions, including her alma mater.

She appears in media worldwide such as Supreme Master internet program, Channel NewsAsia, Singapore FM Radio, Taipei Indesign, Beijing CCTV and many more, actively sharing the preventive science. 

Dr Chen travels extensively, giving health talks such as LIVE with Dr Chen and A Date with Dr Chen around the world.  Singapore is also one of the privileged countries that people can get up-close with her and gain the chance to learn from her, her vast knowledge and latest research. Her talks are usually inspiring, informative and well advanced.

She speaks in both Mandarin and English, and are able to put complicated scientific terms into simple terms for easy understanding. To catch her in her talks, simply search her videos in youtube.

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