Goitrogens and Broccoli 致甲状腺肿素与 绿花椰菜

image source: freepngimg.com

Other foods have also been declared bad for health. Broccoli was one recent target – an article advised against the consumption of broccoli as it contains goitrogens.

Goitrogens inhibit iodine uptake by the thryoid gland, so some people came to the conclusion that broccoli should not be eaten! This is an illogical conclusion.

Many other vegetables and fruits may also naturally contain goitrogens, for example, bok choy, brussels sprouts, cabbage, sweet potatoes, strawberries, peanuts, and soybeans. Does this mean we should avoid all of these foods entirely?

That is not the case. Even if goitrogens inhibit iodine intake, they may yield a different effect when in combination with other compounds in a fruit or vegetable. There is no scientific research that proves eating fruits or vegetables in the usual amounts will cause a goiter. Rather, research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology shows that eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet is hugely beneficial for health!

Instead of looking at the big picture, people focused on a tiny detail, which fueled their incorrect conclusions.

Source: Dr EE Zhang
(E.Excel World Jan-Mar 2018, Lifelong Learning)