Sugar and Cancer

Image by kjpargeter on Freepik

Due to misinformation, it is now a common myth that sugar causes cancer to grow faster. There has been much research on cancer cells and how they grow. Unfortunately, some Internet articles have taken this research out of context and come to inappropriate conclusions that researchers would not have made.

The myth comes from this, if cancer cells need a lot of glucose to grow, then cutting out sugar from our diets will stop cancer cells from growing, or even stop them from forming in the first place!

This is not true. Certainly, research shows that cancer cells need glucose to grow. However, normal, healthy cells also require glucose to grow. All of the cells in our bodies require glucose to grow. There is currently no way of telling our bodies to let healthy cells have the glucose necessary for life and to withhold it from the cancer cells. This is what researchers are looking into.

Mayo Clinic, Cancer Research UK, the U.S.Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and many other organizations have stated that sugar does not make cancer grow faster.

Source: Dr EE Zhang
(E.Excel World Jan-Mar 2018, Lifelong Learning)