About Myself…

Hi, my name is Ai.

I studied Electronics and Computer Engineering as a student and picked up The Specialist Diploma in Nutrition and Exercise Science with Singapore Polytechnic as an adult.

E.Excel has been my full-time career for the past 15 years and adding on to the plate is eLead Global for the last 5 years. Both E.Excel and eLead Global are by the same Founder – Dr. Jau-Fei Chen.

Before E.Excel, I had a 9-to-5 job for about eight years. I had also tried my hands at traditional business before venturing into E.Excel Network Marketing. After consuming the products for a few months and gaining an understanding on the Business Structure, I have to say that I never look back again!

Sharing is my passion, and being able to share and inspire, helping and enrich another’s person life, while gaining self-fulfillment is what I find an ideal career!

I am very thankful to have been introduced to Nutritional Immunology products and be able to partner with renowned Scientist in a reliable, successful and well-established company. All my hard work is rewarded, and now I have more time for my family, friends, and volunteering to return back to society.

I am also a vegetarian and I love going to different places to try different vegetarian foods with friends. I am not born vegetarian, but it is definitely one of the best decisions I have made, other than choosing this career (E.Excel/eLead).

I hope I can update this blog as often as I can, and hope the information that I have shared will be of use to you. Occasionally, I will share interesting vegetarian foods I have come across too. Good things are to be shared!

The last two months were crazy… with the rise of Omicron cases, I had to do several urgent deliveries of NI products. But the rewarding part was, my friends recovered quickly and did not really suffer from long-covid or lingering after-covid symptoms like cough, and fatigue. Now the pandemic here seems to be cooling down, I can find more time to update my blog too. You may also drop me a chat for inquiries. Cheers!

(please continue to scroll down for new updates)

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CNY Day 7. E.Excel Offices opens…

So thankful that the company is able to maintain its supply of Millennium and Nutriact during this crucial period – Covid pandemic.

Be it for prevention or after care, they are much needed products. Those who fell victims to the virus, they do see much faster recovery – usually within 3 days, they can be tested negative. For myself, I rely on all these for prevention due to the nature of my work and the different people I need to meet.

The only way to beat the viruses and their mutations is to ensure that our immune system is stronger than them!

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A tea that nicely contains Green Tea leaf, Jasmine Flower, Ginseng, and Chrysanthemum Flower.

Green tea contains caffeine, yet it also provides many health benefits due to its abundance of polyphenols / flavonoids which can delay signs of aging, prevent cancer, and fights inflammation.

With Triflora, we can enjoy the benefits of green teas leaves without the caffeine as Triflora’s green tea leaves are specially harvested in season when the caffeine levels are at its lowest (almost negligible).

Triflora nice blend of leaves and flowers aid the removal of waste and toxins from the body, dispels heat, calm the senses, soothe the nerves and helps ward off anxiety. Ginseng is rich in many nutrients including vitamins A, E, Bs, calcium, iron and potassium. The inclusion of Ginseng enhances the refreshing effects on the body and helps to strengthen the immune system.

I like Triflora for how it is able to keep me energize me when I am working in front of the computer the whole day. Not to mention it can keep me hydrated 😀

Oh, it can also prevent headaches, migraines, menses flu, accordingly to many.

How about decaffeinated tea? According to some experts, most decaffeinated tea has close to 70% of the polyphenols stripped off and some of the most common decaffeination methods can leave trace amounts of dangerous chemicals on the tea leaves.

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Nutrifresh and Refresh Mix!

I don’t usually mix powder products together to drink… So that I can enjoy each of the beverages as they are 😍 and at the same time this will ensure that I drink ample water. Except for some products which I think they taste definitely much better with a mix!

Not many, but one of which is Refresh 🤭 It tastes so nice with Nutrifresh 😋.

Nutrifresh provides the basic nutrients needed for a day and Refresh for healthy kidneys!

Nutrifresh is an important beverage for my start of the day. Because it contains more than 13 different types of fruits and veggies in a sachet, it provides me the basic nutrients for the day. The various real food components contain all the basic needed minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein, calcium, phytochemicals for the body.

Nutrifresh ingredients at just S$1.85 per day

Refresh nourishes our kidneys. According to Ministry of Health, kidney failure is a growing disease in Singapore. National Kidney Foundation (NKF) statistics revealed that there are about five new kidney failure patients a day and one new dialysis patient every five hours 🙁

Living in the current era where most foods are heavily processed and added with unknown additives, preservatives, high sodium and lacking of real nutrients, these definitely will cause a strain to our filter organs – the kidneys.

Refresh ingredients

For me, I definitely go for prevention at just 75cents a day 🙂

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Should we be taking Probiotics Supplements?

The body requires a diverse population of friendly gut bacteria. They can help us to improve our digestion and relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

However probiotics found in supplements and some drinks/foods contain only a few different strains of bacteria. Dietary Fiber on the other hand, has a direct impact on constipation and digestion. It can help stools move along more quickly and dietary fiber feeds our friendly gut bacteria to increase in number and kind.

We can obtain fiber from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes.

The table below gives a good illustration of Probiotics vs Dietary Fiber.

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The Best Serum for the skin!

A serum bags with heavy benefits!

This is by far the BEST serum I have ever used!

Products for hydration, moisturising and anti-aging creams in the market are everywhere. What about a product that can deliver oxygen to the skin?

Our organs need oxygen for survival and the skin is our largest organ! Yet, the skin is also one organ that is most deprived of oxygen 🙁 Especially after 40 years old…

The idea of having more oxygen for the skin definitely attracts me, especially oxygen for the face! When the face gets ample oxygen, hydration lotion, moisturising cream, anti-aging cream etc, can easily ride on it and deliver much better results!

[PlusO2] æ°§+ seems to be the first application product in the market for oxygen to the skin? And a surely effective one! Because it uses Perflurocarbons! Perflurocarbons are inert compounds that can carry oxygen even better than the red blood cells! They can reach places which red blood cells may not be able to reach, like blocked capillaries, due to their smaller molecules size.

I have been using [PlusO2] æ°§+ for six months since it’s launch. For the first month, the radiance on my face is obvious. People around you will notice. For the second and third month, my face gets more hydrated and is smoother. On the third and fourth month, fine lines over my eye areas are lesser. To-date, even my mom commented that my face looks better. I told her it is due to [PlusO2] æ°§+! Haha. She is using it too 🙂

My current simple skincare routine:

1. Facial Hydrating Foaming Wash

2. Blanc Light Reveal (every 2-3 days)

3. PlusO2 æ°§+

4. Energy Lotion

5. Poreless Perfect Makeup Base SPF 30PA+++

1. Facial Hydrating Foaming Wash
2. PlusO2 (spa over eye areas every alternate day) æ°§+
3. Energy Cream

Simple enough? Haha. I am not the type that like the hassle of putting layers and layers of skincare. I usually just do the minimal… wash, exfoliate, introduce oxygen, moisturise and protect (SPF) >.<

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可口的 Nutrifresh Strawberry 沛能 (营养包)

是太久没喝这个口味了吗?Nutrifresh Strawberry觉得有些不一样。。更爽口好喝哦!一下子就喝完了😂黄豆及多过十三样的蔬果,含丰富的蛋白质,矿物质,维生素,纤维,植物营养素。每天的基本营养!营养这么丰富,新加坡制造,一包 $1.90 哪里找?

Nutrifresh Strawberry

#不含防腐剂 #nopreservatives #沛能 #nutrifesh #营养包 #basicnutrients #冷冻干燥#freezedrying #完整 #wholefood #plantbased #proteinpowder #premiumquality

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The never ending Covid-19 and our immune system

An article in The Straits Times dated October 1, 2021 – Studies on cell function, why some people may be resistant to virus.

This is actually a scary 🙁 and yet interesting read..

The list for Long Covid seems to be getting longer and longer. Other than the known possible symptoms of shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, joint pain and early signs of dementia, this article mentions an even scarier finding – The virus not only can impair cells’ activities, but CHANGE THEIR FUNCTION.

An example stated that when the pancreas is infected by the virus, not only the pancreas will produce less insulin than usual, but also started to produce glucose and digestive enzymes when these ain’t their job! Scientists called this ‘a change of cell fate‘.

As of current, it is not clear whether the change will be long-lasting. Some Covid-19 survivors have indeed developed diabetes shortly after infection.

But the article also mentions that SOME people are RESISTANT to the virus! The article suggests that it could be due to more efficient activation of natural killer (NK) cells – “When NKs are correctly activated, they are able to recognise and destroy infected cells, preventing the disease from developing.”.

NK Cells are our immune cells. They seek and destroy pathogens. These are what Dr Jau-Fei Chen been emphasising. Nourish our immune cells well and they will be the best doctor to help us defense.

Nutritional Immunology advocates that we should nourish our immune system with healthy plant foods rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides.

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Exercise or Over-Exercise?

During this covid pandemic when more people are working from home, with travelling time saved, I see more people in the park, exercising and cycling 🚴‍♀️

From what I have learnt in Nutritional Immunology and Exercise Science, exercising and over-exercising can be different though.

Regular exercise can help in our weight management, release stress, prevent chronic diseases, as well as can enhance our muscle 💪, bone and joint health. However over-exercise can cause rapid production of free radicals in our body. The oxidation can cause stress to our body. This can result in poor functioning of our immune system instead 🙁

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We know prevention is important, yet it always do not receive as much limelight as a cure. People tend to wait until a problem arises and then find ways to fix it.

There may be medication to treat (not cure) a disease, but these usually come alongside with side effects. For example, someone with cancer can undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy; but these may come with chronic pain, cognitive problems, kidneys, heart, joints, or even more cancers.

Even treatments for simple diseases such as an infection, is usually treated with antibiotics, and can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance problems.

Having the knowledge to know what the costs are, prevention over treatments, picking the right foods to support our immune system, a change of lifestyle, are what Nutritional Immunology is all about.

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