PlusO2 Testimonials 氧+ 见证


Testimonial 见证1

Using PlusO2 as face spa with several pumps. Allow the lotion to sit on your face for a few seconds and the ‘bubbles’ will form. The ‘bubbles’ formation is due to the ingredients perfluorocarbons (PFCs) carrying the oxygen from the air to the skin. Once the bubbles is formed, massage your face over the ‘bubbles’ twice to stimulate more air capsules. Leave the lotion on the skin.
在皮肤上厚涂一层,让乳液在脸上停留几秒钟,就会形成“气泡”。 “气泡”的形成是由于全氟化碳 (PFC)的 成分将空气的氧带到皮肤。 气泡形成后,在“气泡”上按摩脸部至少两回,以刺激更多的空气囊。将乳液留在皮肤上。
An obvious firming, whitening and radiant effect in less than a month!

Testimonial 见证 2

Toddler’s bad eczema. PlusO2 is used together with the Rose Essence Hand Cream (due to its antibacterial effect). Both are applied to the whole body.
孩童的严重湿疹。 氧+与玫瑰精华护手霜一起使用(由于其抗菌作用)。 两者都适用于全身。
By the end of March…such fast results..

Testimonial 见证 3

The frequent wear of mask has caused her acne breakout. With three days use of PlusO2, condition starts to improve.
经常戴口罩导致她长痘痘。 使用 氧+三天后,情况开始好转。

Testimonial 见证 4

PlusO2 applied on left hand. When compared to right hand which was not applied, skin obviously appears less dry and much fairer!

Testimonial 见证 5

Left is before photo. Right is after photo.

Testimonial 见证 6

Testimonial 见证 7

He applied PlusO2 on his right eye. A few days later, it was compared to his left eye which was not applied.

Testimonial 见证 8

Before and After

Testimonial 见证 9

Caused by the wear of face masks

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