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Gwei Hua balm Balm that can soothe insect bites, muscle aches, clear nasal passages and many more 5.5g
13 / 16
Gwei Hua Oil

Soothe insect bites, muscle aches, clear nasal passages. headache, giddness and many more

(natural menthol crystal, osmanthus - essence of gwei hua, eucalypyus, peppermint oil, camphor, clove bud oil)

26 / 31
Handygel Hand sanitizer, kills germs up to 99.99%. 250ml
13 / 16
VegiWash A few drops to your basin of water. Soak your vegetables and fruits to the external chemical residues, waxes and pesticides. 350ml
15 / 18
Blended Cooking Oil It has 95.5% macademia nut oil and 4.5% perilla oil.
Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of 1:1 and smoke point of 200 degree celcius.

Read here to understand how to choose a healthy cooking oil.
two bottles 375ml each
65 / 78


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