With the rising mercury…

With the intense heat and temperature rise, this is my saviour. Wiping my body with these wipes saves my body from the sticky sweat-feel which can be pretty uncomfortable. Now I can feel fresh the whole day, be it at home or when running outside! It is best applied after bathing.

Bring the wipes with you when you are out there, especially for those who may perspire frequently. You may need repeat wipes 🙂

Elemente Stay Fresh Anti-Bacterial Body Wipes

By the way, these aren’t normal wipes! It uses not just food-grade alcohol, but also silver ions that provide a very lasting anti-bacterial effect. Safe for children as well.

The benefits of silver ions:

Silver kills bacteria in three main ways:

  • By creating holes and puncturing the microbial cell wall.  
  • By disrupting the bacteria’s metabolism and energy production. 
  • By disrupting bacterial DNA and stopping it from replicating. 

In other words, the wipe is also good in preventing bed sores, for skin areas that are proned to infections, and areas that may generate bad odour.

Active ingredients: Alcohol, silica, menthol, silver, ginseng berry, cactus fruit, grape seed, rose, seaweed.