O-Seed unexpected benefits my hair and nails

I only started taking <O-Seed> two months ago (3 capsules once a day) and I started to notice that my nails grow faster than usual.  I don’t keep fingernails and I usually cut them to the shortest possible every month.  Since last month, I started to notice that my nails grow at a faster rate than normal; usually, it takes about a month for my nails to grow to the length that I would need to cut them, but now it takes only about 2 weeks to grow to the same length.  Same for my hair, I started to notice a lot of new hair growth on my head as well.

These are unexpected benefits because I started to take <O-Seed> for more Omega-3 to counter off the excess Omega-6 in my daily diets and hence to reduce my risk of cardiovascular disease.  As I’m already in my 40s, I didn’t expect my hair and nails to still grow at this rate!  Now I can put aside my worry of baldness and age gracefully 🙂

Article by Ou Ee Him. 24 October 2018.


O-Seed on high blood pressure

A friend whose mother has high blood pressure and has been trying to bring it down by eating simple.  But seems that it has not been easy.  Her last check-up shows that her blood pressure it is still on the high side.  Finally she is willing to consume O-seed that my friend bought for her.  Good news from my friend that her mom no longer feels as giddy after consuming for about one month.  That’s a good news for a start!

9 June 2018