What is Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)?

Our skin breathes in oxygen through the air and from the blood. It absorbs oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide through its upper skin layers, process known as cutaneous respiration. Oxygen from the air can supply the upper skin layers to a depth of 0.25 – 0.4mm.

A lack of oxygen speeds up premature aging of the skin. Oxygen may also help combat UVB-induced wrinkle formation. Unhealthy skin is unable to put up its best defense against pollution, free radical damage, and microbial invaders.

A lack of oxygen also causes the skin to appear darker and dull.

Perfluorocarbons can carry many times more oxygen than blood! They are much smaller than red blood cells and can reach places blood cells can’t, such as damaged, blood starved tissue.

Doctors have been using PFC solutions to assist premature infants’ ability to breathe and to help improve lung function. Liquid ventilation has also been successfully used in critically ill patients with lung disorders.

PFCs are compounds with excellent oxygen-carrying capacity. They are safe and have many medical applications. They are chemically inactive and are nontoxic.

The five different PFCs used in PlusO2 are:
– Perfluorohexane
– Perfluoroperhydrophenanthrene
– Perfluorodecalin
– Perfluoromethylcyclopentane
– Perfluorodimethylcyclohexane